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474 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 307. 1894. ` m·l!¤‘¢j?:&q•u=j;f°* Hvgomipst Felgenhauer, one hundred and thirty dollars and twenty— To Elias W. Fisher, three hundred and six dollars and and sixty-tive cents · To Prank Friauf, three hundred and forty-nine dollars and ninety- live cents; To James W. Greeley, seven hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-three cents; To Wancy Haman, six hundred and twelve dollars and sixteen cents; To Max W. Heck, two hundred and nine dollars and eighty cents; To Jens Johnson, six hundred and one dollars and thirteen cents; To Lucius B. Lewis, seven hundred and forty dollars; To James W. Mason, two hundred and thirty-one dollars and fifty- seven cents; . To Nicholas Murray, five hundred and sixty-eight dollars and ninety- seven cents- To Louis Nelson, seventy-nine dollars and sixty-one cents; To John T. Price, one hundred and five dollars; To Charles J. Skow, one hundred and five dollars and forty cents; To James F. Smollen, six hundred and fifty-nine dollars and ninety- nine cents; To Williairi Weinecke, seven hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-three cents; To Daniel Shea, four thousand and eighty-seven dollars; interest on this judgment from January seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, to May twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, nve hundred and nity-two dollars and seventy cents; To Annie M. La Tourrette, executrix of James A. M. La Tourrette, deceased, three hundred and thirty-three dollars and seventy-tive cents; interest on this judgment from December twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, to March ninth, eighteen hundred and ninety- four, two dollars and sixty-three cents; To James M. Patterson and Jonathan N. YVise, executors of Alpha \Vright, deceased, ibur hundred and fifty dollars; To Robert S. Shields, one thousand seven hundred and nineteen dollars and fifty cents; To Gilbert H. Ferris, three hundred dollars; To Alexander B. Cooper, three hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty cents; To Miles B. McMahan. one hundred and twenty-six dollars and nfty cents; To Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad Company, two thousand one hundred and fourteen dollars and seventy-one cents; To Frank J. Holt, executor of Parley C. Holt, deceased, three hundred and sixty-nine dollars and twenty cents: Provided, That this iudgment shall not be paid until the Government shall be reimbursed for the amount wrongtnlly paid the widow of said Holt hy the Post-Ofiice Department November fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-tive, on account of the claim covered by said judgment; To Elbert Wallace, three hundred and forty-tive dollars; To N. M. E. Slaughter, two hundred and fifty-four dollars and twenty- nve cents; `_ To Hyleman A. Lockwood, seventy-seven dollars and nity cents; To Ashland T. Patrick, sixty-nine dollars and ten cents; I To Thomas W. Campbell, thirty-six dollars and forty-tive cents; To James W. Parker, six thousand nine hundred and sixty-four dollars and seventy-seven cents; _ To Benjamin Z. Herndon, thirty-six dollars and eighty cents; To Abner Hazeltine, seven hundred and seventy-four dollars and ninetynve cents; To H. H. King, one hundred and thirty-five dollars: