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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. SEss. III. Ch. 177. 1895. 7 7] employed by them in the discharge of their official and representative V¤l·27·1>·’57- duties, as provided in the Joint Resolution approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, two hundred and thirty thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine dollars and iiiteen cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Fon CONTINGENT EXPENSES, NAMELY: For wrapping paper, paste- §.g{jf§:g°;;{:rgjf:°¤· board, paste, twine, newspaper wrappers, and other necessary materials ` for folding for the use of members of the House, and for use in the Clerk’s offico and the House folding room (not including envelopes, .» writing paper and other paper and materials to be printed and furnished by the Public Printer, upon requisitions from the Clerk of the Aw. r-M House, under the provisions of the Act approved January twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, for the public printing and binding), tive thousand dollars. e For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, eight thousand dollars. Fw ¤¤·1 vii- For furniture, and repairs of the same, nine thousand dollars. F“"”?°““’· For packing boxes, three thousand two hundred and eighteen dollars P°°k'"g °°"°’ and forty cents. For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select commit- Mi¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤i¢·¤¤¤¤~ tees, twenty thousand dollars. For stationery for members of the House of Representatives, includ- S“‘“°“°¤'· ing six thousand dollars for stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, fifty-one thousand dollars. For postage stamps for the Postmaster, one hundred dollars; for the P¤¤¢¤z¤ wmps- Clerk, two hundred dollars; for the Sergeant-at-Arms, two hundred ‘ dollars; and for the Doorkeeper, twenty-five dollars; in all, five hundred and twenty-five dollars. Hereafter no employee of Congress, either in the Senate or House, m§gg},°_{;; ¤°* W shall sublet to, or hire, another to do or perform any part of the duties or work attached to the position to which he was appointed. PUBLIC PRINTING. Public printing. For compensation of the Public Printer, four thousand five hundred c,§§§]'° """‘°’- dollars; chief clerk, two thousand four hundred dollars; two clerks of class four; two clerks of class three; one clerk of class two; in all, fif teen thousand one hundred dollars. _ For contingent expenses, namely: For stationery, postage, adver- °°”"”¥°'“°‘P°“°°* tising, traveling expenses, horses, and wagons, and miscellaneous items, three thousand dollars. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Lnnuyorconzmn. For compensation of Librarian, four thousand dollars, and for thirty an{j”g:'*¤· "·*°'* assistant librarians, two at two thousand five hundred dollars each -‘ two at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; two at one thousand six hundred dollars each; two at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; eight at one thousand four hundred dollars each, one of whom shall be in charge of international exchanges; ten at one thousand two hundred dollars each; two at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; and two at six hundred dollars each; in all, forty-four thousand five hundred and twenty dollars. For the employment of eight clerks at nine hundred dollars each, n*§_¤;°f:w°*°***¤· °°PY· under the direction of the Librarian of Congress, necessary for the exe- g ' cution of the copyright law, seven thousand two hundred dollars. For purchase of books for the Library, tour thousand dollars; for tP¤r<=1¤¤¤<> ·>f books purchase of law books for the Library, under the direction of the Chief ° °' Justice, one thousand five hundred dollars; for new books of reference for the Supreme Court, to be a part of the Library of Congress and purchased by the marshal of the Supreme Court under the direction of the Chief Justice, one thousand five hundred dollars; for expenses of exchanging public documents for the publications of foreign governments. one thousand five hundred dollars; for purchase of tiles of