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62 FIFTY -THlRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 61, 62. 1894. - m§•:j••>f ¤•r¤=•¤¤* HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. m,c°'“l’°“",“"" “"* For compensation and mileage of Members of the House of Repre- ` gelritatives, and Delegates from Territories on account of fiscal years as 0 ows: For eighteen hundred and ninety-three, three thousand three hundred g rty f d and thi - our ollars. d For eighteen hundred and ninety-four, fifteen thousand nine hundred ollars. hggrk •* ¤r¤•l=·r'• To pay the clerk to the Speaker’s table, for services rendered as clerk ' to the Committee on Rules during the first and second sessions of the Fifty-third Congress, five hundred dollars. smmqq. For stationery, for Members of the House of Representatives, seven hundred and ilfty dollars. Mi··¤>¤·¤•¤¤·- For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select committees, two thousand five hundred dollars. hm""- d Sor furniture, and repairs of the same, one thousand five hundred o ars. · ’°"“"* "“"°""'· For materials for folding, ten thousand five hundred dollars. cmu wremwn- To enable the Clerk of the House to pay to Members and Delegates the amount wnich they certify they have paid or agreed to pay for clerk hire necessarily employed by them in the discharge of their "··l·=‘*·v·'*°'- official and representative duties, as provided in the Joint Resolution approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety- three, twenty- seven thousand dollars. mum-ytecasmu. mmunv or ooncmnss. mmm. To enable the Librarian of Congress to employ a laborer for the care of the library rooms containing the law books of the Library of Congress, at the rate of thirty dollars per month, seventy-flve dollars. emma fn; ns Sec. 2. That the Act entitled “An Act to amend section thirtyseven "_‘§,“,,f“,f_”,fgP’ °“’ hundred and nine of the Revised Statutes relatingto contracts for sup- _ _ plies m the Departments at Washington," approved January twenty- "'°‘“"’“’ ““’*'°"· seven, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, be, and the same is hereby, so amended that the provisions thereof shall apply only to advertisements for proposals for fuel, ice, stationery, and other miscellaneous supplies to be purchased at Washington for the use of the Executive Departments and other Government establishments therein named; mgmsmn. ·¤=.. ¤¤= and no advertisements made or contracts awarded or to be awarded ‘ thereon since January twenty-seven, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, m accordance with the laws in force prior to said date, shall be declared to be illegal or invalid for non-compliance with said law of January twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-four. Approved, April 21, 1894.

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—-·——— ,..., t.. aa,. n?a..°mvZI, tl2gS¥L1.T,?’f§‘fi‘§2;.§f““ ‘”°"‘ S""*" "‘"""*" °‘"“· Be it enacted by the Senate and II . · · s · Sngisgsiaauugpp State.; of America in Congress assmri,m€1?fT·lic;1t,ghellltgaihgi-alhendfhdit my pay ,,,.,f,"§ L,,, Smith Railway Company, its successors or assigns, be, and is hereby, rlizrrlysryykur crm authorized to construct and maintain a railway bridge and approaches ' ‘ therep over Band acrgss Little River, in the State of ,Arkansas, at or near orris erry. aid bridge shall be str ted t‘ mntsusy,-..;¤¤,.¤a the passage of railway trains, and, at the optiggnsofusaid ceymlpsiiydiiitcit ‘°‘ be used for the passage of wagons and vehicle of all kinds fdr the transit of animals, and for foot passengers for such reasonable ’rates of toll as may be approved from time to time by the Secretary of \Var mg:. in-ug-. That if the said bridge shall be made with unbroken and cmmnuoué P¤¢ii>-¤¤4- spans there shall be at least one span of a height of not less than fifty feet above low water as understood at the point of location, measured