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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 252. 1896. 155 dollars; hospital steward (employed as chemist), one thousand two hundred dollars; six copyists; one messenger, six hundred dollars; two laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; and one laborer, three hundred and sixty dollars; in all, twenty-tive thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars, the same to be paid from the permanent appropriations for the Marine-Hospital Service. OFFICE SUPERVISING INs1>EcToR-GENERAL STEAMBOAT INSPEC- smumtptt 1¤¤v¤¤· T1oN SERVICE: For Supervising Inspector·General, three thousand "°" S°"’°°‘ five hundred dollars; chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two clerks of class three; one clerk of class one; one messenger; in all, ten thousand five hundred and forty dollars, the same to be paid from the permanent appropriations for the Steamboat-Inspection Service. BUREAU or IMMIGRATION: For Commissioner-General of Immigra- I¤¤·¤iz¤¤¤¤B¤¤¤•¤- tion, four thousand dollars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; oonii- · dential clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; statistician and stenographer, with power to act as immignant inspector, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one messenger; and one assistant messenger; in all, ten thousand five hundred and sixty dollars, which, together with other expenses of regulating immigration, shall be paid from the permanent appropriation for expenses regulating immigration. Fon CONTINGENT EXPENSES or Tm`; '1‘1zE.ts1mY DEPARTMENT, ¤¤¤¤¤z¤¤¤¤xp¤¤s¤•. INCLUDING ALL BUILDINGS UNDER CONTROL OF THE Tmusvnr IN WASHINGTON, D1sTmoT or COLUMBIA, NAHELY: For stationery for the Treasury Department and its several Bureaus, S*·***°¤°¤'- twenty-six thousand dollars. For postage required to prepay matter addressed to Postal Union P"°“’$°· gooixitries, and for postage for the Treasury Department, one thousand ars. For newspapers, law books, city directories, and other books of N°W¤P¤P°*¤· reference relating to the business of the Department, one thousand dollars. For investigation of accounts and records, including the necessary rnvcmgmms. traveling expenses, and for other traveling expenses when ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury, in connection with special work, including the temporary employment of steuographers, typewriters, accountants, or other expert services outside of the District of Columbia when not properly chargeable to any other appropriation under the control of the Treasury Department, nve hundred dollars. For freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service, three thou- Freishtcwsand five hundred dollars. d ger rent of buildings, three thousand nine hundred and seventy Rmo ars. For purchase of horses and wagons, for ofllce and mail service, to be ¤¤r•¤• •¤•1 w•¤>¤•- used only for official purposes, care and subsistence of horses, including shipping, and of wagons, harness, and repairs of the same, two thousand 0 ars. For purchase of ice, including ice for the office of the Auditor for the I¤·- Post-Otllce Department, two thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of tile holders and ille cases, two thousand dollars. *`“°°· For purchase of coal, wood, engine oils and grease, grates, grate baskets ’°°l- and fixtures, blowers, coal hods, coal shovels, pokers, and tongs, nine thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase of gas, electric current lor lighting and power purposes, Lights. gas brackets, candles, candlesticks, drop lights and tubing, gas burners, gas torches, globes, lanterns, and wicks, fourteen thousand dollars. For washing and hemming towels, for the purchase of awnings and mmsumsm. fixtures, window shades and iixtures, alcohol, benzine, turpentine, varuish,baskets, belting, bellows, bowls, brooms, buckets, brushes, canvas, crash, cloth, chamois skins, cotton waste, door and window fasteners, dusters, flower garden, street, and engine hose, lace leather, lye, nails, oils, plants, picks, pitchers, powders, stencil plates, hand stamps and repairs of same, stamp ink, spittoons, soap, matches, match safes, sponges, tacks, traps, thermometers, tools, towels, towel racks, tumblers,