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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 252. 1896. 16] and porter, and incidentals in secretary’s office; compensation of members and officers of the legislative assembly, mileage, printing, stationery, record books, rent, furniture, and incidentals for legislative assembly, twenty-sixthousand dollars: Provided, That the next session {’~~qi~<>¤- of the legislative assembly of the Territory of New Mexico shall com- ;,§?“`°"” °f °"°'“` mence on the third Monday in January, eighteen hundred and ninety- seven, and each succeeding session thereof shall commence on the third Monday in January of every odd-numbered year thereafter: Provided further, That no other officer of either house of said legisla- ¥°?¤‘i¤:i¢>¤; ¤¤ ¤r» tive assembly shall be elected or appointed, or paid out of any moneys $$71 m°” ° °m°°"‘ appropriated by the Congress of the United States, or by the legislative assembly of said Territory than such as may be provided for by the laws of the United States, except a translator and an interpreter. _ For repairs of the Adobe Palace at Santa Fe, New Mexico, two P,§§g’j"’ *° Ad°‘*° thousand dollars. Taumronr or Oxrauomnz For governor, two thousand six hun- °k**’·°¤·=- dred dollars; chief justice and four associate judges, at three thousand dollars each; and secretary_, one thousand eight hundred dollars; nineteen thousand four hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of the Territory, to be expended by the ¤¤¤¢i¤g¤¤¢¤¤p¤¤·¤¤¤. governor, one thousand dollars. For legislative expenses, namely: For rent of office, furniture, fuel, L¤s*¤l¤¢iv¤¤¤v¤¤¤¤¤· lights, stationery, clerk hire, printing, postage, ice, record casings, messenger, porter, and other incidental expenses of the secretary’s office; for pay of members and officers of the legislative assembly, mileage, rent of rooms for the legislature and committees, furniture, stationery, printing, fuel, lights, and incidentals, twenty-four thou and two hundred and fifty dollars: Provided, That the legislative assembly shall §*;:*_j;· 0 Z not consider any proposition or pass any bill to remove the seat of ¤¤¤°mte¤€¤i¤`;»!i1'i]°n government of said Territory from its present location. WAR DEPABTMEN T. WM D¤1>=¤¤¤¤•¤¤1· OFFICE OF um Smonnraayz For compensation of the Secretary Agggngf jgjj{;*jj{· of War, eight thousand dollars; Assistant Secretary, four thousand` ' five hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand five hundred dollars; disbursing clerk, two thousand dollars; three chiefs of division, at two thousand dollars each; stenographer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; five clerks of class four; clerk to the Assistant Secretary, one thousand eight hundred dollars; five clerks of class three; nine clerks of class two; twelve clerks of class one; iour clerks, at one thousand dollars each; four messengers; seven assistant messengers; eightlaborers; carpenter, and foreman of laborers, at one thousand dollars each; two carpenters, at nine hundred dollars each; hostler, six hundred dollars; two hostler , and one watchman, at five hundred and forty dollars each; in all, ninety-four thousand three hundred dollars. Rncoim kun PENSION Ormcn: For two chiefs of division, at two O,{§j§j""’ “‘“* *""“‘°“ thousand dollars each; twenty-one clerks of class four; forty-three clerks of class three; ninety-three clerks of class two; one hundred and uinetythree clerks of class one; niuety-eight clerks, at one thousand dollars each; engineer, one thousand four hundred dollars; assistant engineer for night duty, nine hundred dollars; two firemen; skilled mechanic, one thousand dollars; five messengers; thirty-one assistant messengers; messenger boy, three hundred and sixty dollars; five watchmen; superintendent of building, two hundred and fifty dollars; and sixteen laborers; in all, six hundred and sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty dollars; and all employees provided for by this paragraph for the Record and Pension Office of the War Department shall be exclusively engaged on the work of this office for the liscal year _ eighteen hundred and ninety-seven; and the Secretary of War shall, M‘“*"Y '““°"Y· upon the application of the governor of any State, furnish to such governor a transcript of the military history of any regiment or company smxr 1.-v01. 29-—11