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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CE. 373. 1896. 269 OFFICE or TEE TREASURER! For the purchase of one press and one 1_,g;*¤¤¤ ¤*=¤¤¤ ¤·=¤¤- separating machine for use in sealing and separating securities, two rmhmec. thousand dollars. Exi-ENSES OF NATIONAL CURRENCY: For distinctive paper, express Bxmzfl °“"°"°Y charges, and other expenses, eight thousand two hundred and eighty dollars. D1sT1NcTrvE PAPER 1voR UNITED STATES SECURITIES: For dis- 8,f‘“°‘“°“"’° ¥’“*’"· tinctive paper for United States securities, including transportation, salaries of register, two counters, five watchmen, one laborer, and expenses of officer detailed from the Treasury as superintendent, thirty- six thousand two hundred and thirty-one dollars and thirty cents. _ REcoINAGE, REISSUE, AND TRANSPORTATION or MINOR COINS! “‘;*°' °°*'“· The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to transfer to the United R° "°°'°t°' States mint at Philadelphia, for cleaning and reissue, any minor coins now in, or which may be hereafter received at the subtreasury offices, in excess of the requirement for the current business of said offices; and the sum of two thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the expense of transportation for such reissue. And the Secretary of the Treasury is also authorized to reeoiu any and all the uncurrent minor coins `now in the Treasury. · _ _ _ FURNITURE AND REPAIRS OF FURNITURE: To supply deficiencies §;P},;‘;,}’,‘},*‘§;;g“· in the appropriations for furniture and repairs of same and carpets for ' all public buildings, marine hospitals included, under the control of the Treasury Department, and for furniture, carpets, chandeliers, and gas fixtures for new buildings, exclusive of personal services, except for work done by contract; and all furniture now owned by the United States in other buildings shall be used, as far as practicable, whether it corresponds with the present regulation plans for furniture or not; for the fiscal years as follows: I For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, twenty thousand ( ollars. For the iiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, three hundred and thirty-nine dollars and sixty-five cents. _ _ FUEL, LIGHTS, AND WATER Fon PUBLIC BUILDINGS: To pay ,_,f“°‘~"g"'°“· ““" “’*" amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation for *‘Fuel, lights, and water for public buildings " for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, one hundred and ninety dollars and twenty cents. EXPENSES on LOCAL APPRAISER.S’ MEETINGS : To pay amounts found mfg;;; °PP’*‘“°"' due appraisers of customs and others on account of the appropriation ` for “Expenses of local appraisers meetings," being for the fiscal years as follows: For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, nine hundred and twenty dollars and thirty cents. For the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, five hundred and twenty-eight dollars and sixty cents. SUPPLIES ron NATIVE INRAEITANTS, ALASILA: To supply a den- g};;‘§;_,_, ,,_,,,.,,__ ciency in the appropriation for supplies for native inhabitants, Alaska, for the fiscal year ending June thirtietb, eighteen hundred and ninety- five, two thousand and seventeen dollars and sixty-seven cents. _ SUPPRESSING COUNTERFEITING AND 0T11E1a CRIMES: For expenses ,_,§;_}};{{f,?‘§;¥ °°‘"" incurred under the authority or with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury in detecting, arresting, and delivering into the custody of the United States marshal having jurisdiction, dealers and pretended dealers in counterfeit money, and persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national-bank notes, and other securities of the United States and of foreign governments, as well, as the coins of the United States and of foreign governments, and other felonies committed against the laws of the United States relating to the pay and bounty laws, including four thousand dollars to make the necessary investigation of claims for reimbursement of expenses incident to the last sickness and burial of deceased pensioners under section forty-seven hundred