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304 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 373. 1896. -¥¤¤¤ ·¥·W•·l•l·- To James J. Walsh, two thousand dollars; G¤¤rs¤ W·M¤¤¤y- To George W. Murray, two thousand dollars; Jrrrm·ow¤. To John A. Brown, four hundred dollars; nrmy o.Mnm. To Henry C. Miner, two thousand dollars; nm-y w. nur:. To Harry W. Rusk, two thousand dollars; cmp nmy,jr. To George_Denny, jr., two thou and dollars; Jo Anton. To Jo Abbott, two thousand dollars; in all, one_ hundred and len thousand eight hundred and sixty-onefdollars irnld erghtyfawo centisth ami; xm-. To pay James Kerr, Clerk of the ouse o epresen tives o e “"'“,',,°"‘,,,_,,,,,°°‘* "‘"" Fifty-third Congress the amount due for services in compiling, arrangmmh mu. ing for the printer, reading of proof, and indexing of testimony, supervision of the work, and expenses incurred in the contestedelectron v¤ cases to the Fifty-fourth Congress, as authorized by an Act entitled “An Act relating to contested elections," approved March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, the sum of two thousand two hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents, and an lirdditionalisum lpf two thousand dollars to such persons as were actua y engage in the work designated by the said James Kerr, and in such proportion as he may deem just, for assistance rerrdercd in the work; in all, the sum of four thousand two hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents. mm cum md To pay Charles Carter and Erastus Green for caring for subcommittee Em'"' G"°°“‘ rooms of the Committees on Appropriations and Ways and Means, seventy-five dollars each, one hundred and fifty dollars. _ 11. w.1sr¤r¤rma. To pay H. W. Blanchard as extra compensation for services rendered as assistant clerk to the Committee on Invalid Pensions during the iirst session of the Fiftyjfourth Congress, five hundred dollars. _ D·*’°'*'· To pay D. S. Porter]il:1é•gt{·1a services as assistant clerk Committee on Pension ilve hun dollars. To pay the following, which hav? been audited and recommended by th Com ’ttee Accoun name : MM- E0 payngoseplrll. Hawlg two huddred. dollars; P. E. Cox and George L. Browning, one hundred and fifty dollars each; Richard Dalton, one hundred and fifteen dollars, and J. M. McKay, two hundred and sixty- seven dollars and fifteen cents, for extra services rendered in the folding room; in all, eight hundred_and eighty-two dollars and fifteen cents. ·T=¤¤<=¤ ·T·0¤¤·id¤¤- To pay James J. Corridon for services rendered as clerk to the late VV. H. Crain from the first to the eighteenth day of February eighteen hundred and ninety-six, inclusive, sixty-two dollars and six cents. omemmpmmaru To reimburse the official reporters of the proceedings and debates of "§§Q"}’Q‘,l'}",,,,,_ the House of Representatives and the official stenographers to committees for moneys actually paid by them during the first session of the Fifty-fourth Congress, for clerical hire and extra clerical services, six hundred and fifty dollars each; and to J. J. Cameron two hundred and forty dollars; in all, four thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars. John 1‘.R·>·¤. To pay John T. Ross the difference léetween his pay as assistang post;; master and that of postmaster of the ouse from March twenty- ourt until December- second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, three hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-one cents. El·=v=wr¤¤¤•1¤¤¤¤r•- To_pay_L. Cook, George Winters, R. W. Goudelock, C. L. Williarms, Edwin Grddrngs, and Ralph M. Dale, each, the difference bletvgegnlprre thousand two hundred dollars and one thousand one hun re dollars per annum, as conductors of the elevators, from July first, eighteen hundred and ninety- four, to July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, eight hundred dollars. GW U¤¢*¤¤‘w·>·>d- To pay Guy Underwood the difference between the pay of a laborer and that of a messenger in the Hall Library, House of Representatives, ag gre rat?) of threaetdollars gnddsixty centis pgar day‘,1f;ontrlthe_fo;r:lrtleentl:_ o ecenr er erg n un re an nine y- ve o e rr re ay o June, eighteen and ninety-six, inclusive, three hundred and twenty- three dollars and rrirrety- two cents. Wi11i¤¤¤·l- A¤¤¤¤¤¤- To pay \Villiam J. Assman the difference between the pay of a laborer and that of a messenger in the Hall Library, at the rate of three dollars