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F1F’rY.FOUn·ru coxcnnss. sms. 1. cn. 398. 1896. 339 agencies, and support and civilization of Indians at Colville and Puy- allup agencies, and for pay of employees, fourteen thousand dollars. WYOMING: For general incidental expenses of the Indian Service Wy¤=¤i¤g· in Wyoming, including traveling expenses of agents, one thousand dollars. MISCELLANEOUS. To pay balance due the commission appointed under Act a roved .f¤¤¤¤*¤¤i9:w¤¤°¤- March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, for per dfein and hii?»1ili1s};li2wlii°¤a°' expenses, as follows: Alfred M. Wilson, one thousand two hundred and forty-five dollars; Warren G. Sayre, one thousand two hundred and forty-five dollars; David H. Jerome, one thousand two hundred and forty-five dollars, commissioners; and Charles S. King, secretary, seven hundred and two dollars; in all, four thousand tour hundred and thirty- seven dollars._ _ _ For salaries and expenses of the Commissioners appointed under Acts c,$‘,}'{;‘_§',§“;}i,?{',Qjf D" of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, _ V<>1·_27.p.¤•5: V01- and March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, to negotiate with 'sfggjggty c,,,,,,,,. the Five Civilized Tribes in the Indian Territory, the sum of forty Mdthousand dollars, to be immediately available; and said commission is directed to continue the exercise of the authority already conferred upon them by law and endeavor to accomplish the objects heretofore prescribed to them and report from time to time to Congress. _ _ _ That said commission is further authorized and directed to proceed ,zj,§§};{"‘“““ *`°’°‘*' at once to hear and determine the application of all persons who may apply to them for citizenship in any of said nations, and after such hearing they shall determine the right of such applicant to be so admitted and enrolled: Provided, however, That such application shall be £r·¤;=¥zv¤· made to such Commissioners within three months after the passage of °°’"°"’°t°' this Act. The said commission shall decide all such applications within ninety days after the same shall be made. That in determining all such applications said commission shall respect all laws of the several nations or tribes, not inconsistent with the laws of the United States, and all treaties with either of said nations or tribes, and shall give due force and effect to the rolls, usages, and customs of each of said nations or tribes: And provided, further, That the rolls of citizenship Present tribal min of the several tribes as now existing aw hereby confirmed, and any °°"°“"""‘ person who shall claim to be entitled to be added to said rolls as a citizen of either of said tribes and whose right thereto has either been denied or not acted upon, or any citizen who may within three months from and after the passage of this Act desire such citizenship, may apply to the legally constituted court or committee designated by the several tribes for such citizenship, and such court or committee shall determine such application within thirty days from the date thereof'. In the performance of such duties said commission shall have power s,£l¤w¤¤ of ¢<>¤¤¤¤i~ and authority to administer oaths, to issue process for and compel the ' attendance of witnesses, and to send for persons and papers, and all depositions and affidavits and other evidence in any form whatsoever heretofore taken where the witnesses giving said testimony are dead or now residing beyond the limits of said Territory, and to use every fair and reasonable means within their reach for the purpose of determining the rights of persons claiming such citizenship, or to protect any of said nations from fraud or wrong, and the rolls so prepared by them shall be hereafter held and considered to be the true and correct rolls of persons entitled to the rights of citizenship in said several tribes: Provided, That if the tribe, or any person, be aggrieved with the EMT- decision of the tribal authorities or the commission provided for in this mw ` Act, it or he may appeal from such decision to the United States dis- J d {_ trict court: Provided, however, That the appeal shall be taken within ,;,,,Qf_ “‘“"“' ° °°“” sixty days, and the judgment of the court shall be final. Fm, mu f mw That the said commission, after the expiration of six months, shall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,p_ "