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410 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 419. 1896. m§,¤i§:h,§{¤° I¤d¤¤· H F1? the Sagntlltose Industrial School, maintenance, four thousand ve, un re dollars. ,u§fi“‘ *'°“°l""“ A“Y‘ For Saint Joseph’s Asylum, maintenance, one thousand eight hun- YOM $1 Womws dred dollars. _ _ cmsmn me _ For Young Wonien’s Christian Home, one thousand dollars. _,ff,f’*‘° “"“ Hd? M"` For Hope and Help Mission, maintenance, one thousand dollars. Newsboys’A1d. FordNewsboys’ and Children’s Aid Society, maintenance, one thonsand ollars. E¤¤*~>¤Di¤v¤¤¤¤v· For Eastern Dispensary, maintenance, one thousand dollars. H¤¤¤f¤ri¤¤¤r=l>1¤¤· d For Washington Home for Incurables, maintenance, two thousand ollars. hoimmeiciw ¥<¤*si¤S Féyri mungzipal lgdégiag house and wood and stone yard, including ren , our thousand dollars. coiumm Hosvital For the Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum, mainte- ’°" '°""’“‘ nance, twenty thousand dollars; for repairs to building, five thousand Kggzélgmlynotw dollars; in all, twenty-tive thousand dollars: Provided, That no member d.,,;,,m,i,,,•,;t,,t,i,,,.,,_ or members of any board or boards of trustees or directors of any charitable institution, organization or corporation in the District of Columbia, which is supported in whole or in part by appropriations made by Congress, shall engage in traliic with said institution, organization or corporation for fin ancial gain, and any member or members of such board of trustees or directors who shall so engage in such tradic shall be deemed pgwrdand hereafter legally disqualified for service on said board or a s. . 1'¤•¤¤=·¤’·¤··vi*•¤- FBEEg1;iEN’SlHCirS§3T:E]AND Asuum: For subsistence, twenty-two thousan ve un dollars; For salaries and compensation of the surgeon in chief, not to exceed three thousand dollars; two assistant surgeons, clerk engineer, matron, gxrses, lguuitresses, cooks, teamsters, watchmeu, and laborers, sixteen ousan dollars; For rent of hospital buildings and grounds, four thousand dollars; For fuel and light, clothing, bedding, forage, transportation, medicine and medical supplies, surgical instruments, electric lights, repairs, furniture, and <;ther absolutely necessary expenses, eleven thousand five hundred do lars; in all nfty-four thousand dollars. V G**l¤’R°*°*¤S°h°°l· Rnroim SoHo0L Fon Crursz For superintendent, one thousand dollars; matron, six hundred dollars; two teachers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; overseer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; engineer, four hundred and eighty dollars; night watchman, three hundred and sixty-tive dollars; laborer, three hundred dollars; in all, four thousand four hundred and twenty-five dollars; For groceries, provisions, fuel, soap, oil, lamps, candles, clothing, shoes. forage, horseshoeing, medicine, medical attendance, hack hire, freight, furniture, beds, bedding, sewing machines, iixtures, books, horses, stationery, vehicles, harness, cows, stables, sheds, fences, repairs, and pther ngcessaiily itcimsi five thousand five hundred dollars; _ in a , nine t iousam nine uni rec and twenty-tive dollars. sc{:,°3,{°m°l H°m° INDUSTRIAL HOME SCHOOL: For maintenance, including repairs,

1l?myj·:;ansf8rm, to nine thousand nine hundred dollars: Provided, That the board of man-

(;0,,,.,,;,,,i.,.,.,r,,, cm agers of the Industrial Home School, on or betore the tlnrtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and ninetysix, shall transfer said school to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and said Commissioners B·>¤¤i•>f¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· shall thereupon appoint a board of trustees of said school, consisting of nine members, whose terms of office shall be, for the first appoint- _ ment, three members for one year, three members for two years, and three members for three years, and thereafter all appointments shall be for a term of three years, except appointments to till ont unexpired R°$°'°“°”°~°*°· terms. The board of trustees so appointed by the Commissioners shall manage the school under such regulations as now exist or may hereafter be made by said board, subject to the approval of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. All designations for employment in said school made by said board of trustees shall be subject to the approval of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and, in the event of