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FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 420. 1896. 435 subdivisions of land reclaimed, for the actual cost and necessary expenses of reclamation and reasonable interest thereon from the date oi reclamation until disposed of to actual settlers; and when an ample P¤¢~¤¤• iv Stms. supply of water is actually furnished in a. substantial ditch or canal, or by artesian wells or reservoirs, to reclaim a particular tract or tracts of such lands, then patents shall issue for the same to such State without regard to settlement or cultivation: Provided, That in no event, in §Q‘m’· S,. no contingency, and under no circumstances shall the United States he 1i¤b1<>. ms mt in any manner directly or indirectly liable for any amount of any such lien or liability, in whole or in part. _ That the city of Bismarck, in the State of North Dakota, by and Nsiblw I¤1¤¤¤. through its regular city council, shall have authority to use, upon lease m rammk from the government by the Secretary of the Interior, Sibley Island, ’°" ¥’“"‘· an island in the Missouri River near said city of Bismarck, for a public park: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to }°2‘·¤¤i·¤· authorize the felling of timber on said island for sale or consump- [mw" tion, nor shall any timber be cut save for the purpose of improving or beautitying the grounds. unrrnn srnrms GEOLOGICAL sunvnr. °°°‘°¤°*‘Sm°F· Fora SALARIES OF THE SCIENTIFIC ASSISTANTS OF THE GEOLoG- scieuimmmtms. ICAL SURVEY: For two geologists, at four thousand dollars each; For one geologist, three thousand dollars; For one geologist, two thousand seven hundred dollars; For two paleontologists, at two thousand dollars each; For one chemist, three thousand dollars; For one geographer, two thousand seven hundred dollars; For one geographer, two thousand five hundred dollars; For two topographers, at two thousand dollars each; in all, twenty- nine thousand nine hundred dollars. Fon GENERAL EXPENSES OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: For the Expenses. Geological Survey, and the classitication of the public lands, and examination of the geological structure, mineral resources, and the products of the national domain, and to continue the preparation of a geological map of the United States, including the pay of temporary employees in the field and office, and all other necessary expenses, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, namely: For pay of skilled laborers and various temporary employees, thirteen 1.¤1¤»l·¤¤,m. thousand dollars; For topographic surveys in various portions of the United States, 1?°P°8*"\l*hl° ·—·¤r· one hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars, to be immediately ""' available; thirty-tive thousand dollars of which shall be expended west of the ninety-seventh meridian in the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, and the Territory of Oklahoma, and at least onethird of the remainder shall be expended west of the one hundred and third meridian: Prorided, That hereafter in such surveys 1;¤v{•···f _ west of the ninety-fifth meridian elevations above a base level located "” “° ““"°’“‘ in each area under survey shall be determined and marked on the ground by iron or stone posts or permanent bench marks, at least two such posts or bench marks to be established in each township or equivalent area, except in the forest-clad and mountain areas, where at least one shall be established, and these shall be placed, whenever practicable, uear the township corners of the public-land surveys; and in the areas east of the ninety-fifth meridian at least one such post or bench mark shall be similarly established in each area equivalent to the area of a township of the public-land surveys; _ _ For geological surveys in the various portions of the United States, G°°l°S*°¤*¤¤¤’¤:~‘¤· one hundred thousand dollars, to be immediately available; For continuation of the investigation of the coal and gold resources Alaskamoums. of Alaska, five thousand dollars; _ _ _ For paleontologic researches relating to the geology of the United “fr:L:;¤*¤1¤¤¤ rv States, ten thousand dollars; .