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452 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 420; 1896. for conveying to the scat of Government the votes of the electors of said States for President and Vice-President of the United States, at the rate of twenty-five cents for every mile of the estimated distance by the most usual road traveled from the place of meeting of the electors to the seat of Government of the United States, computed for the one distance only, twelve thousand and seventy-seven dollars. S<;¤¤¢<> ¤¤i¤i¤1 re- That the Secretary of the Senate be, and he is hereby, authorized P'" °"‘ and directed to pay for reporting the debates and proceedings of the Senate from March twenty-sixth to March twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, inclusive; the payment to be made to the Official Reporters appointed by resolution of the Senate of March thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, the service having been performed by them. Mnmvy B¤i1<1i¤s- MALTBY BUILDING: For repairs to building, three thousand five hundred dollars, to be immediately available. l‘·=¤*= 0* *¤*¤l··>¤·¤· RENT on WAREHOUSE! For rent of warehouse for storage of public documents for the Senate, one thousand eight hundred dollars. u{¢¤i»¤i¤ w ¤¤b1¤¤. For repairs and improvements to the Senate stables and grounds, °two thousand dollars. gte;;; §gd<·>¤· BOTANIC GARDEN: For glazing with plate glass the western portion P` of roof of main conservatory, and for granolithic pavement, and for repairs to asphalt pavements; and for general repairs to buildings and heating apparatus of the same, under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, five thousand five hundred dollars. bifudgéf P¤¤¤¤S•¤d PUBLIC PRINTING AND BINDING. For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the public printing, including the cost of printing the debates and proceedings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for lithographing, mapping, and engraving for both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court 0 the United States, the supreme court of the District of Columbla, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, the Executive Office, and the Departments, including salaries or compensation of all necessary clerks a11d employees, for labor (by the day, piece, or contract), and for rents and all the necessary materials which may be needed i11 Amount. the prosecution of the work, two million nine hundred and seventeen thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; and trom the said sum hereby appropriated printing and binding shall be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following, respectively, namely: PrgQ:$;¤¤¤°°* ¤P¤*¤* For printing and binding for Congress, including the proceedings ' and debates, and for rents, one million four hundred and fifty-tbur thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars. And printing and binding for Congress chargeable to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on Printing of either House, shall be so recommended in a report containing an approximate estimate of the cost thereof; together with a statement from the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress, within the fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. For the State Department, eighteen thousand dollars. For the Treasury Department, including not exceeding twenty thousand nine hundred and thirty-tive dollars for the Coast and Geodetic Survey, two hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars. For the \Var Department, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars, of which sum twelve thousand dollars shall be for the Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General’s Office. For the Navy Department, seventy thousand dollars, including not exceeding twelve thousand dollars for the Hydrographic Office. For the Interior Department, including the Civil Service Commission, two hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars. including not exceeding ten thousand dollars for rcbinding tract books for the General Land Cfiice.