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564. FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 265. 1897. · ug;¤¤¤¤¤i¤s ¤¤¤¤¤¤· For continuing the publication of an edition of eleven thousand ‘ copies of the Official Naval Records of the Rebellion, both Union and Confederate, in accordance with the plan adopted by the Secretary of v¤izs,p.1¤o. the Navy under the Act of Congress approved July thirty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and for the purpose of making such maps and illustrations as relate to the work, and for printing, binding, and wrapping one thousand additional copies of series one, volumes live and six, for supplying officers of the Navy, twenty thousand eight hundred dollars. L""“”· LIBRARY OF THE NAVY DEPARTMENT: For one clerk of class one; one assistant messenger; one laborer; in all, two thousand ive hundred and eighty dollars. G3.1L“,§i°¥£.‘é;§§_°“‘°` J Uneu-Anvocnn-Gunmen, Uxrrnn Sums Naw; For enief - clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class four; one clerk of class three; one clerk of class two; one clerk of class one: one clerk, one thousand dollars; one clerk, nine hundred dollars; one _ laborer; in all, ten thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. ,,_§"‘l"°"’l"° Of HYDROGELPHIO OFFICE: For two clerks of class two; one clerk of class one; one assistant messenger; one watchman; in all, five thousand four hundred and forty dollars. S°“1°°" For draftsmen, engravers, assistants, nautical experts, computers, custodian of archives, copyists, copperplate printers, apprentices, and laborers in the Hydrographic Office, forty thousand dollars. M'“"""'- °“°* For purchase of copperplates, steel plates, chart paper, electrotyping copperplates; cleaning copperplates; tools, instruments, and materials ‘ for drawing, engraving, and printing; materials for and mounting charts; data for charts and,sailing directions; reduction of charts by photography; photnhthographing chartsjfor immediate use; transfer of photo thegraphic and other charts to copper; care and repairs to printng presses, furniture, instruments, an tools; extra drawing and g engraving; translating from foreign languages; expert marine, meteorological, and other work in the preparation of the Pilot Chart and sup-. plements, and the printing and mailing of the same; and purchase oi; compiling, and arranging data for charts and sailing directions and other nautical publications; works and periodicals relating to hydrogréappy, marine meteorology, navigation, and surveying, thirty thousand 0 ars. ‘ R°¤*~ For rent of building and rooms for printing presses, draftsmen, and eugravers, storage of copperplates and materials used in the construction and printing of charts; repairs and heating of the same, and for _ gas, water, and telephone rates, one thousand five hundred dollars. C°“"“°¥°”‘°*P°“°°“· Contingent expenses of branch offices at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Savannah, New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Portland (Maine), Chicago, Cleveland, and Port · Townsend, including fumiture, fuel lights, rent and care of offices, car fare and ferriage in visiting merchant vessels, freight, express, telegrams, and other necessary expenses incurred in collecting the latest information for the Pilot Chart, and for other purposes for which the offices were established, including one thousand dollars for rent of New York office, seventeen thousand dollars. ,,}‘c*;g;h(};_¥;§[°*°h¤¤· For a monthly Pilot Chart of the North Pacific Ocean, showing ' graphically the matters of value and interest to the maritime community of the Pacific Coast, and particularly the directions and forces of the winds to be expected during the month succeeding the date of issue; the set and strength of the currents; the feeding grounds of whales and seals; the regions of storm, fog, and ice; the positions of derelicts and floating obstructions to navigation; and the best routes to be followed by steam and by sail; including the expenses of communicating and circulating information; lithographing and engraving; the purchase of materials for, and printing and mailing the chart; the employ- ment of three nautical experts at one thousand six hundred dollars each, and two tabulators and copyists at seven hundred and twenty dollars each. ten thousand dollars.