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FIFTY FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 59. 1896. 63 For pay of not exceeding thirty-five paymasters’ clerks, at one thou- *‘¤¥¤*¤°°¤; ·=l°*k•· sand four hundred dollars each; not exceeding thirty paymasters’ mes- m°°°°°g°r°' ° °“ sengers, and traveling expenses of paymasters’ clerks and expert gccpuntant of the Inspector-General’s Department, sixty-nine thousand 0 ars. For compensation of reporters and witnesses attending upon courts- coun.-¤mm,o¢o. malitial and courts of inquiry, six thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. For commutation of quarters to commissioned officers on duty, with- Commutation or out troops, at stations where there are no public quarters, two hundred ‘*““""“’ °m°°"‘ and ten thousand seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and forty-eight cents. For allowance for travel, retained and detained pay, clothing not A.l1ow•.u¤¤¤.eulisted drawn, and for interest on deposits, payable to enlisted men on dis- "‘““‘ charge, seven hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That no enlisted gggoh { tr I moo discharged by order of uio sooiotoiy or wor for disability caused .1.2.. °“° “"° by his own misconduct shall be entitled to the travel allowances provided for in section twelve hundred and ninety of the Revised ns.,ooo.m>,o.m. Statutes. For pay of a clerk attendant on the collection and classiiication of Miumyiorooooosoo military infomation irom abroad, one thousand five hundred dollars. f'°“' ""'°“°· For pay of expert accountant for the Inspector-Genera1’s Department, Expert accountant. two thousand five hundred dollars. For mileage to officers when traveling on duty without troops, when Milnsowomwm authorized by law, not to exceed one hundred and forty thousand dollars, to be allotted by the Secretary of War to the War Department and Allotment. to the several military departments; and not more than three-fifths of said amount shall be expended duringthe first half of the fiscal year, and _ not more than one half of the remainder during each of the remaining · quarters: Provided, That hereafter the maximum sum to be allowed and moouoo. paid to any officer of the Army shall be four cents per mile, distance to ,,,,]gf"'”“'“ ““°"` be computed over the shortest usually traveled routes, and in addition thereto the cost of the transportation actually paid by the officer over said route or routes, exclusive of parlor-car or sleeping-car fare: And provided further, That when an officer so traveling shall travel in whole On toon-oiuou, om., or in part on any railroad on which the troops and supplies of the "°°‘*"· United States are entitled to be transported free of charge, or over any of the bond-aided Pacino railroads, he shall be allowed for himself only four cents per mile as a subsistence fund for every mile necessarily traveled over any such railroad: And provided further, That the trans- roooopomuoo by portation furnished by the Quartermaster’s Department to officers l‘§£;'{“°”'° ”°‘ traveling without troops shall be limited to transportation in kind, not including sleeping or parlor car accommodations, over free roads, over bond-aided Paciiic railroads, and by conveyance belonging to said Department, and the Secretary of War shall so apportion this sum as to prevent a deticiency therein. _ _ For traveling expenses and commutation of quarters for civilian °*“1P**Y°*°*°”¤· physicians employed by the Surgeon-General, five hundred dollars. Making in all, for pay and general expenses of the Army, thirteen A¤¤<>¤¤¢- million one hundred and three thousand five hundred and twelve dollars and seventy-three cents. · _ All the money herembefore appropriated, except the appropriation A<*·=°¤¤°*¤G- “tbr mileage to omcers when traveling on duty without troops when authorized by law,” shall be disbursed and accounted for by the Pay Department as pay of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. SUBSISTENCE DEPARTMENT. mj;b¤i¤¤¤¤¤¤D¤r¤¤ Sunsisrmvcu on run Amar: Purchase of subsistence supplies: s“’*""’°‘ For issue, as rations to troops, civil employees, when entitled thereto, hospital matrons, general prisoners at posts, prisoners of war (including Indians held by the Army as prisoners, but for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made), estimated for the fiscal year on