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Lists, when perfected, to be delivered by the assistant to the principal assessors.Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the several assistant assessors in each of the said collection districts shall deliver the lists aforesaid to the principal assessor, within the time prescribed by the thirteenth section of the “Act for the assessment and collection of direct taxes and internal duties,”Act of July 22, 1813, ch. 16. passed twenty-second of July, eighteen hundred and thirteen, for the delivery of the lists therein designated: Provided,Proviso. That if the said time be altered by any act subsequently passed, such delivery shall be within the time last prescribed therefor.

General lists to be made out by principal assessors.Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the respective principal assessors shall make out, according to the lists received from the assistant assessors, a general list or lists of all persons taxable as aforesaid, specifying the name of the owner or agent, the valuation of the household furniture, with the number and description of the watches as aforesaid, and the duty payable on each; which list or lists shall be made out in alphabetical order, for each county or smaller division of a collection district, as may be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Collectors to be furnished by principal assessors with lists.Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That each of the collectors of the direct taxes and internal duties, for the collection districts aforesaid, shall, within sixty days from the day on which the principal assessor shall have received the said lists from the assistant assessors, be furnished by the principal assessor with one or more of the lists prepared in conformity with the preceding section, by the principal assessor, signed and certified by him. And each collector, on receiving a list as aforesaid, shall subscribe three receipts; one of which shall be given on a full and correct copy of such list, which list and receipt shall remain with the principal assessor, and be open to the inspection of any person who may apply to inspect the same: and the other two receipts shall be given on aggregate statements of the lists aforesaid, exhibiting the gross amount of each of the aforesaid duties, to be collected in each county or state district contained in the collection district; one of which aggregate statements and receipts shall be transmitted to the commissioner of the revenue, and the other to the comptroller of the treasury.

Collectors to give public notice of taxes.Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That each of the said collectors, or his deputies, shall, within ten days after receiving his list agreeably to the “Act for theAct of July 22, 1813, ch. 16. assessment and collection of direct taxes and internal duties,” passed the twenty-second [of] July, eighteen hundred and thirteen, or agreeably to any act subsequently passed or to be passed, advertise in one newspaper printed in his collection district, if any there be, and by notifications to be posted up in at least four public places in his collection district, that the said duties have become due and payable, and state the times and places at which he or they will attend to receive the same, which shall be within twenty days after such notification: and with respect to persons who shall not attentd, according to such notification, it shall be the duty of each collector, in person or by deputy, to apply once at their respective dwellings within such district, and there demand the duties payable by such persons, which application shall be made within sixty days after the receipt of the said lists by the collector; and if the said duties shall not be then paid, or within twenty days thereafter, it shall be the duty of such collector and his deputies to proceed to collect the said duties, by distress and sale of goods, chattels, or effects, of the persons delinquent; and in case of such distress, it shall be the duty of the officer charged with the collection to make, or cause to be made an account of the goods or chattels which may be distrained, a copy of which, signed by the officer making such distress, shall be left with the owner or possessor of such goods, chattels, or effects, or at his dwelling, with a note of the sum demanded, and the time and place of sale; and the said officer shall forthwith cause a notification to be publicly posted up at two of taverns nearest to the residence of the person whose property shall be distrained, or of his agent, or at the courthouse of the same county,