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592 SIXTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 107. 1820. day in June next, divide the members into two classes, in manner following, to wit: Those members who are now in otlioe, and, by virtue of their election in June last, shall be entitled to take their seats in the new board, _ as members from the wards in which they shall, respectively, reside, shall Fmt °1°“· be placed in the first class; and those members who shall be elected Second class. from the same wards in J unc next, shall be placed in the second class g Others by lot. and the other members shall be placed in their respective classes by lot; Vacation of and the seats of the first class shall be vacated at the end of the first year, aldermems and the seats of the second class shall be vacated at the end of the second scars. year; so that one member shall be elected in each ward every year therefldxmeu are, alter: the members of the board of aldcrmcn shall be hereafter, ex gce§°?`°;jlg“S` ofHc10,_|ust1ccs of the peace for the county of Washington, unless holdpeace [mics, mg commissions in the army or navy of the United States.

fngétgry Seo. 17. find be it further enacted, That this act. shall continue in force

missions_ gzgzdi thesgcrm of twenty years, and until Congress shall, by law, Approved, May 15, 1820. S*x·.·\ru·r¤ I. May 15, 1820. Act 0{Muyc], CHAP. GV1I.--dn ./2c! providing for the betler arganizalizm of the Treasury 3,AS:7,f¢i\h[. 45}; Department. \ 3, rig-;; chg2q_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives ry the Mzitcd b A5- otlioerdtv States of America, in Congress assembled, That it shall be the duty of I; "f:'g;};;i_ such officer of theTreasuryDepartine11t as the President of the United Mm, M agent States shall, from time to time, designate for that purpose, as the agent Up the treasury. of the treasury, to direct and suporintend all orders, suits, or proceedings, in aw or equity, for the recovery of mone , chattels, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, in the name, and for the he of the United States. _0m¢¤f¤ }‘¢¢=¤iV— Sec. 2. And ba itfhrlhcr enacted, That from and after the thirtieth

 {$.2;;   day of September next, if any collector of the revenue, receiver of public

Pm gmc the money, or other oiheer who shall have received the public money before treasury, Failing it is paid into the treasury of the United States, shall fail to render his ‘° “°°°““‘“‘ gccpunt, or pgaybovzr the same in the manner, or within the time required The1¤tc¤mp— y aw, it shall ct 0 uty o the first com troller of the trcasur to cause

`:;’(fi°°;m_§EsB’“°;‘}:’: to be stated the account of such collectoareoeiver of public huonoy,or

,,,,0,,,,t d,,,,._ other officer, exhibiting truly the amount due to the United States, and cer- _ The agent to tify the same to the agent of the treasury, who is hereby authorized and 'reg"?“°di;t:;:;'“:f paired to isséie a wgrrant of distress against such delinquent officer and m,,,, d,,“,l_ ais sureties, irccte to the marshal of the district in which such delinfp»em.‘¤¤d sure- quent officcr and his surety or sureties shall reside; and where the said

  • "'° “h° mm" officer and his surety or sureties shall reside in different districts, or

' where they, or either of them, shall reside in a district other than that in which the estate of either may be situatc, which may be intended to be taken and sold, then such warrant shall be directed to the marshals of such districts, and to their deputies respectively; therein specifying the Mmm m, d8_ amount with which such delinquent is chargeable, and the sums, if any, putty to proceed whnch have been paid. And the marshal authorized to execute such

_>;t°‘LY °¢;’i*;t
;°; warrant, shall, by himself or by his deputy, proceed to levy and collect

and Llc Ay the sum remaining due, by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of goods xprddclptt- such ‘dehnq;1en;) oméer; having given ten days' previous notice of such ¢°¤ ° °*¤· inten c sae, y a xin an advertisement of the articles to be sold at qu.;';: days, M_ two or more public place; in the town and country where the said goods rico of sate, ut or chattels were taken, or in the town or county where the owner of such lW°_ °’ m°*° goods or chattels may reside; and if the goods and chattels be not sufli~ "“""° l’1“°°“· cient to satisf tl 'd · · 1 M_ y ie sm warizmt, tic samemay be leued upon the person uocits, sto. of such officer, who may be committed to prison, there to remain until