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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 830. 1901. 1009 COURT OF CLAIMS: For salaries of five judges of the Court of Claims, C°““ Oi C""lm“· at four thousand five hundred dollars each; chief clerk, three thousand five hundred dollars; assistant clerk, two thousand dollars; bailiff, one thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand six hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; three clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each;. one messenger; one stenog— rapher, one thousand two hundred dollars; three firemen; three watchanen; one elevator conductor, seven hundred and twenty dollars; one assistant messenger; one laborer; and two charwomen; in all, forty- tive thousand and forty dollars. To defray the costpof the employment of auditors in the Court of ·*¤d“°*¤· Claims, to be disbursed under the direction of the court, eight thousand dollars. For stationery, court library, repairs, fuel, electric light, electric C°¤*l“8°¤°°XP°”“€S- elevator, and other miscellaneous expenses, three thousand four hundred dollars. For reporting the decisions of the court and superintending the R€P°“*¤€d€°lSi0¤*S· printing of the thirty-sixth volume of the reports of the Court of Claims, to be paid on the order of the court, one thousand dollars; said sum to be paid to the reporter, notwithstanding section seventeen R·S··***°·1765·P·3l4· hundred and sixty-five of the Revised Statutes, or section three of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, chapter three hundred and twenty-eight. _ Sec. 2. That the pay of assistant messen ers, firemen, watchmen, m}§“§,§;;Q,{’é‘g;S“$§,‘§;j laborers, and charwomen provided for in tgis Act, unless otherwise r¤¤¤.e¢c-· ’ specially stated, shall be as follows: For assistant messengers, firemen, and watchmen, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars per annum each; for laborers, at the rate of six hundred and sixty dollars per annum each, and for charwomen, at the rate of two hundred and forty dollars per annum each. _ Sec. 3. That-the term of temporary service of such additional clerks ,€,r§§§Q§,,.°§m§$§§@@§j and other employees rendered necessary because of increased work » » incident to the war with Spain, and under the Act of June thirteenth, ct;’¤l· ?·°» PP· 6% 89°» eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, providing for war expenditures ` and for other purposes, appointed in the various departments of the Government, shall be extended for the term of one year from June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and one, without compliance with the conditions prescribed by the Act entitled "An Act to regulate and im rove the civil service,” a proved January sixteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, provid)ed they are otherwise competent. _ _ Sec. 4. That the appropriations herein made for the officers, clerks, ,w‘,°;}}§{,‘}§‘?§§‘§,§‘cS,p‘,§‘gY and persons employed in the public service shall not be available for iiwfed €mp1¤y¤€¤- the compensation of any persons permanently incapacitated for performing such service. _ Sec. 5. That hereafter it shall be the duty of the heads of the several m,?,;§“,‘QE“Q§’}§‘}j,iS‘§§§ Executive Departments, and of other officers authorized or required {)¤¤;(§¤<>g <;f,i?i;¤3¤;g¤j to make estimates, to furnish to the Secretary of the Treasury, on or niialllg, sic? ° before the fifteenth day of October of each year, their annual estimates for the public service, to be included in the Book of Estimates prepared by law under his direction, and in case of failure to furnish estimates as herein required it shall be theduty of the Secretary of the Treasury to cause to be prepared in the Treasury Department, on or before the first day of November of each year, estimates for such appropriations as in his judgment shall be requisite in every such case, which estimates shall be included in the Book of Estimates prepared by law under his direction for the consideration of Congress. Seo. 6. That all laws or parts of laws inconsistent with this Act are R°*’°*“· repealed. Approved, March 3, 1901. voL xxx1———6—1