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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 191. 1900. 85 of each year, and also at Ponce on the second Monday in January of each (year, and special terms may be held at Mayaguez at such other state times as said judge may deem expedient. All lpleadings and EPrgc§¤<1i¤z¤wb¤i¤ proceedings in said court shall be conducted in the En ish language. ng S ‘ The United States district court hereby established 51:111 be the suc- nmncm court no cessor to the United States provisional court established by General f,‘g$,‘,;§°_§,’,c_ l"°“"°““‘ Orders Numbered E{ghty-eight, promul ated by Brigadier-General ` Davis, United States olunteers, and shag take possession of all records of that court, and take jurisdiction of all cases and proceedings pendixgg thelrein, and said United States provisional court is hereby iscon inue . Sec. 35. That writs of error and a peals from the final decisions of Coe}-11;§°,*;lS*° S¤P**=m€ the supreme court of Porto Rico and) the district court of the United ’` States shall be allowed and may be taken to the Supreme Court of the United States in the same manner and under the same regulations and in the same cases as from the supreme courts of the Territories of the United States; and such writs of error and appeal shall be allowed in -whena11owed. all cases where the Constitution of the United States, or a treaty thereof, or an Act of Congress is brought in question and the right claimed thereunder is denied; and the supreme and district courts of Habeas corpus, em. Porto Rico and the respective judges thereof may grant writs of habeas corpus in all cases in which the same are rantable by the judges of the district and circuit courts of the United %tates. All such roceed— - iplgsgn t%1ehSiupreme Court of the United States shall be conciiicted in t e ng is anguage. Sec. 36. That the salaries of all officials of Porto Rico not appointed S¤l*¤i•=¤ of <>¤`¤¢i¤lS· by the President, including deputies, assistants, and other help, shall be such, and be so aid out of the revenues of Porto Rico, as the executive council shall from time to time determine: Promfded, how- Pwmo. ever, That the salary of no officer shall be either increasqd or dimin- -¤qz mgm changed ished during his term of office. The salaries of all officers and all d“““g "‘°“m"°“°*’· expenses of the offices of the various officials of Porto Rico, appointed as herein provided by the President, including deputies, assistants, and other help, shall also be paid out of the revenues of Porto Rico —p¤y¤b1¤.e¤c. on the warrant of the auditor, countersigned by the governor. Thzannugl sgllaipigs of phlel officials appointed by the President, and soto e ai ,s a eas o ows: The gdyernor, eight thousand dollars; in addition thereto he shall S¤1¤;;i<=S<>¥<>v¢r¤<>r be entitled to the occupancy of the buildings heretofore used by the Sem ry’° ` ghief gxecutiye of Porto Rico, with the furniture and edects therein, ree o renta . The secretary, four thousand dollars. The attorney-general, four thousand dollars. The treasurer, Eve thousand dollars. The auditor, four thousand dollars. The commissioner of the interior, four thousand dollars. The commissioner of education, three thousand dollars. The chief justice of the supreme court, five thousand dollars. · h Tge alssiocigate justices of the supreme court (each), four thousand five un re dollars. The marshal of the supreme court, three thousand dollars. The United States district judge, five thousand dollars. The United States district attorney, four thousand dollars. d The United States district marshal, three thousand five hundred o ars. Sec. 37. That the provisions of the foregoing section shall not apply lguuicipsi ¤¤¤gri¤¤ to the municipal ofHcials. Their salaries and the compensation of ggm °xp°nS°s‘ ww their de uties, assistants, and other help, as well as all other expenses incurred) by the municipalities, shall be paid out of the municipal revenues in such manner as the legislative assembly shall provide.