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l·`lF'l`Y-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 854. 1901. 1427 this chapter, which plat shall be recorded by the surveyor; and the provisions of this chapter shall extend to the lots, pieces, and parcels of ground contained in such plat as fully as to subdivisions made by individual proprietors. ‘ Sec. 1595. ALr1~:aA*r1oNs or BoUNDA1<u~:s, ANI) so Fo1rr1—1.»—\Vheneycr ,,,;;,‘,3j,§gj;,‘;"* 0* the proprietor of any tract or parcel of land in the District of Colum— " ` bia shall desire or deem it necessary to subdivide or alter boundaries. or change the surveys of any such tract or parcel of land, such subdivision, alteration, or change shall be by the surveyor of the District of Columbia, or his assistant, only, and shall be entered in the plat book or books of said surveyor. All such subdivisions, alterations, or changes shall be certified by the surveyor, the party wishing such plat, and two competent witnesses, whose names shall be appended thereto. ‘ Sec. 1596. Rrzcoans or DIY’ISIONS.—All records, or copies thereof, m*g;gtgg1St<>{I<i;jj¤i5>¤¤¤ of the divisions of squares and lots heretofore made between the public ms omit; cid., my- and the original proprietors, or which are authorized by this chapter, shall be kept in the office of the surveyor of the District of Columbia, and the surveyor shall pu%up, label, index, and preserve all the maps, charts, plats, plans, and ther drawings and papers relating to the District of Columbia or which appertain to his office, and which may come to his office for deposit, record, or otherwise. Sec. 1597. ERRORS.~—`Vh€H€\'€1` it shall be made to appear to the ,,.(f§§‘;§{.§’§,j"""‘*Y°’· satisfaction of the Commissioners that the surveyor has been guilty of ` culpable error or neglect, by which the District may be obliged to pay damages, it shall be lawful for the Commissioners to deduct and retain from the salary of the surveyor the amount of damages which the District may have paid in each and every case; and in case the salary then due the said surveyor shall be insufficient to cover the damages which the District shall have paid the Commissioners are hereby required to institute suit upon the bond of the surveyor for the recovery of such damages. ` Sec. 1598. BOUNDARIES or Lors TO Br: MAaK1·;D.—-lt shall also be g,§,§€{g’{_‘}*g;§§Su_”‘g)‘; the duty of the surveyor on the request of the proprietor or proprie- marked. ` tors of any square, lot, or piece of ground within the District of Columbia to set out and mark the proper lines, and furnish to him, her., or them a certificate describing the dimensions and boundaries of the same, according to the plan. Sec. 1599. Books, MA1>s, AND so Fonru, TO BE Karr BY suavmroaw ,,(P,Q§,l§,Sb‘§§{1*jpf,;?é;w The surveyor shall keep his office in a room designated by the Com-i ` missioners for the purpose, and shall not be engaged in the transaction of any business appertaining to any other office or appointment which may be held by him, and shall in his said office preserve and keep all such maps, charts, surveys, books, records, and papers relating to the District of Columbia, or to any of the avenues, streets, alleys, public spaces, squares, lots, and buildings thereon, or any of them, as shall for the purpose of being deposited in his office come into his hands or possession; and shall, in books provided or to be provided for that purpose, keep a true record of every survey, certificate, oi account which shall be made, issued, or prepared by him, and also shall preserve and keep in good order and repair the instruments in his said office belonging to the District. Sec. 1600. PAPERS, AND so FORTH, TO B1-: Tm; raornarr or rum E<;¤5?g§<;,_{>r<>r><*r¤>’ ef l)1srR1c·r or CoLUMB1A.—All papers, plats. and records of his office` shall be deemed the property of the District of Columbia, and shall constitute a part of the public records; and in all cases of vacancy in the office, by resignation or otherwise, they shall be transferred to his successor in office. Sec. 1601. PLATS, WHEN TO BE nEcoRDED.-—The Commissioners are mg,;L'@,f;;,}{*a§i£;*;’;,{g authorized and directed to make and publish such general orders as p1=¤r¤.cr<·. may be necessary to regulate the platting and subdividing of all lands