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1442 r1rrr-sixT11 cosoanss. sm. 11. cn. seal. nm. company, subject to the approval of said commission, not later than the first day of May., nineteen hundred and three, and shall be closed at such time as the national commission may determine, subject to the approval of said company, but not later than the first day of December _ thereafter. . P,g§,Q;,l§"‘*"1°"‘ l‘*' Sec. 9. That whenever the President of the United States shall be notified by the national commission that provision has been made for grounds and buildings for the uses herein provided for, he shall be authorized to make proclamation of the same, through the Department of State, setting forth the time at which said exposition will be held, and the purpose thereof; and he shall communicate to the diplomatic representatives of foreign nations copies thereof, together with such regulations as inay be adopted by the commission, for publication in their respective countries; land he shall, in behalf of the Government and the people, invite foreign nations to take part in the said _ _ _ _ ex iosition and to appoint representatives thereto. d.i{§`§]§‘{§{}§‘,,,§.{ (QQ Sec. 10. That all articles which shall be imported from foreign hibm- countries for the sole purpose of exhibition at said exposition, upon which there shall be a tariff or customs duty, shall be admitted free of payment of duty, customs fees, or charges, under such re ulations as `*“l° of the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe; but it shalT be lawful at an·y time during the exposition to sell, for delivery at the close thereof, any goods or property imported for and actually on exhibition in the exposition buildings or on the grounds, subject to such regula- _ tions for the security of the revenue and for the collection of import f"""`”°· duties as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe: Pm/vwled, ··<*¤¤‘ <>¤· That all such articles, when sold or withdrawn for consum tion in the United States, shall be subject to the duty, if any, imposed) upo11 such articles by the revenue laws in force at the date of importation, and all penalties prescribed by law shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the person who may be guilty of any illegal _ sale or withdrawal. S,§,?pO““b*'°°mm‘S` Sec. 11. That it shall be the duty of the national commission to make reports monthly to the President of the United States, showing receipts and disbursements and giving a general summary of the financial condition of said exposition, and a final report within six months after the close of the exposition, presenting the results and a _ _ full exhibit thereof. ,,§§Q§}§}§P“"°"°i°°m` Sec. 12. That the national commission hereby authorized shall cease to exist on the first day of January, nineteen hundred and five. ,,aL£;i‘*l mms not Sec. 13. That the United States shall not in any manner nor under any circumstances be liable for any of the acts, doings, proceedings, or representations of the said Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, its officers, agents, or employees or any of them, or for the service, salaries, labor, or wages of said officers, agents, servants, or employees, or any of them, or for any subscriptions to the capital stock, or for any certificates of stock, bonds, mortgages, or ob igations of any kind issued by said corporation, or for any debts, liabilities, or expenses of any kind whatever attending such corporation or accruing by reason of the same. h,§,‘Q_"‘""‘“‘*“* 9* Sec. 1-1. That there shall be exhibited at said exposition by the Government of the United States from its Executive Departments, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum, the United States Com mission of Fish and Fisheries, and the Department of Labor such articles and material as illustrate the function and administrative faculty of the Government in time of peace and its resources as a war power, tending to demonstrate the nature of our institutions and their adapta- Rg;g§ggS°fAm°'i°¤¤ tion to the wants of the people; and the Bureau of the American Republics " is hereby invited to make an exhibit illustrating the resources an international relations of the American Republics, and space in the United