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1932 ’1‘R1·;A’rr-sw1Tz1~;n1,.mn. MAY 14, 1900. companied by the necessary pa- dater du jour de l’arrestation, une pers, is not presented, in the man- demande formelle d’extradition, ner provided in the present Treaty, accompagnee des pieces necessaires within two months after the day n’est pas presentee de la maniere of arrest, prescrite dans le present Traite. Arrrrcnn VII. Amicmz VII. €XIf;Q§}g§,l,‘éfim*’“ mt Extradition shall not be granted L’extradition ne sera pas accorfor political crimes or offenses. dee pour des crimes ou delits poli- No person surrendered under the tiques. Aucune personne livree present Treaty, for a common en vertu du present Traite, pour crime, shall be prosecuted or pun- un crime de droit commun, ne sera ished for a political offense com- poursuivie ou punie pour un delit mitted before his extradition. politique commis avant son extra- ` dition. &lgdQ`§_?m questions If the question arises i11 a pai'- Si, dans un cas particulier, la ' ticular case, whether the offense question se pose de savoir si l’in— ccmmitted is or is not of a politi- fraction commise revet un caraccal character, the Authorities of tere politique ou non, les Autorithe State upon which the demand tes de l’Etat requis en decideront. is made shall decide. ARTICLE VIII. ARTICLE VIII. L*mi°m°¤S· Extradition shall not be granted Uextradition ne sera pas accorwhen, under the laws of the State dee lorsque, d’apres la loi de l’Etat upon which the requisition is requis ou d’apres celle de l’Etat made, or under those of the State requerant, l’action penale ou la making the requisition, the crimi- peine prononcee est prescrite. nal prosecution or penalty imposed is barred by limitation. » Anrrcnn IX,. Anricmz IX. c§,§‘;S€§(};‘i$,‘},Q?§,ly§§f No person surrendered by either Aucune personne livree par l’un mdiwd- of the Contracting States to the des Etats contractantsal’autre, ne other shall be prosecuted or pun- sera poursuivie ou punie pour une ished for any offense committed infraction commise avant la debefore the demand for extradition, mande d’extradition, autre que other than that for which the ex- celle pour laquelle l`extradition a tradition is granted, unless he ete accordee, a moins qu`elle n’y expressly consents to it in open consente expressement en seance Court, which consent shall be en- publique, le dit consentement etant tered upon the record, or unless, enregistre au dossier, ou qu’ayant having been at liberty during one eu pendant un mois depuis son month after his iinal release to elargissement definitif, la faculte leave the territory of the State de quitter le territoire de l’Etat making the demand, he has failed 1-equéi-am, elle n’ait pas use de to make use of such liberty. · cette faculte. ,OS$‘{a§§§g{;’fg’€’S°“S The State to which a person has L’_Etat auquel une personne a ' been surrendered shall not surren- ete livree ne pourra pas la livrer a der him to a third State, unless the un _Etat tiers, at moins que les conprovisions contained in the iirst ditions prescrites au premier aragraph of the present Article almea du present article n’a1ent liave been fulfilled. ete remplies. ARTICLE X. ARTICLE X. ,,£§f""l"g “‘““di‘ When the person whose extradi- Lorsque la personne dont l’extion is demanded is prosecuted, or · tradition est demandée est pour-