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 Treaty between the United States and S ain for the cessicn to the

isg$$;0;¤f<;{]é>¤i}}J>;{¥ United States of any and all islands cf!] the Phi%pine archipelago _ pinesj lying cutside of the lines described in Article I of the treaty of i peace of December 10, 1898. Signed at Washington ZVOyember 7, 1.900; ratMcation advised by the Senate January 252, 1901; ratified by the President January 30, 1901; ratified by Spain February 25, 1.901; ragyicaticns exchanged at Washington Jlfarch 23, 1.901; preclaimed arch 23, 1.901. BY THE PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERTSA. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas a Convention between the United States of America and Spain, providing for the cession to the United States of any and all islands of the Philip ine Archipelago lying outside of the lines de- V°l-3°·¥’·"5"· scribed in Article III) of the Treaty of Peace concluded by them at Paris on December 10, 1898, was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at the City of Washington on the seventh day of November, 1900, which Convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de América, and Her Majesty the Queen Re- ySu Majestad la Reina Regente de gent of Spain, in the name of Her Espana, en nombre de Su Augusto August Son, Don Alfonso XIII, Hi]o Don Alfonso XIII, deseando desiring to remove any ground of evitar cualquier desavenencia a - misunderstanding growing out of que pudiera dar lugar la interthe interpretation of Article III pretacion del articulo III del Traof the Treaty of Peace concluded tado de Paz, iirmado por ambas between them at Paris the tenth Partes contratantes en Paris, el dia day of December, one thousand diez de Diciembre del ano mil eight hundredand ninety eight, ochocientos noventa y ocho,1en whereby Spain cedes to the United virtud del cual Espana cede a los States the archipela 0 known as Estados Unidos el Archipiélago the Philippine Islands and com- conocido con el nombre de Islas prehending the islands lying with- Filipinas, y que constituyen las in certain described lines, and hav- islas situadas dentro de los limites ing resolved to conclude a Treaty que en el mismo se expresan; han to accomplish that end, have for resuelto celebrar un"Tratado con that purpose appointed as their el fin de alcanzar el indicado prorespective plenipotentiaries: posito, nombrando Plenipotencia— rms: · m""“””°”"“”°& The President of the United `El Presidente de los Estados States, John Hay, Secretary of Unidos a John Hay, Secretario State of the United States; de Estado de los Estados Unidos; ' and Her Majesty the Queen y Su Majestad la Reina Regente Regent of Spain, the Duke de Ar- de Espana, al Duque de Arcos,