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· FIFTY-s1X’r1{ GGNGRESS. Sess. 1. on. ses. 1900. 227 expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, under V°r1‘·P-787- grovisions of third article of treaty of June fourteenth, eighteen hunred and sixty-six, thirteen thousand seven hundred ang fifty-eight dollars and forty cents; in all, forty-nine thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight dollars and forty cents. · · CROWS. Crows- For the nineteenth of twenty-five installments, as provided in agree- Vol-22.p.43. ment with the Crows, dated June twelfth, eighteen hundred and eighty, to be used by the Secretary of the Interior in such a manner as the President may direct, thirty thousand dollars; · To furnish such articles of food as from time to time the condition V¤1-15.1>·652. and necessities of the Indians may require, Efteen thousand dollars; but no §>art of this fund shall be available except by the direct order of the ecretary of the Interior; in all, forty-five thousand dollars. FORT HALL INDIANS. Fort Hall Indians. For twelfth of twenty installments, as provided in agreement with V¤1-25.p·688. said Indians, approved February twenty-third, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, to beused by the Secretar of the Interior for the benefit of the Indians in such manner as the hresident may direct, six thousand dollars. - INDIANS AT BLACKFEET AGENCY. IndiansatBlackfeet Agency. For third of nine installments, to be disposed of as rovided in V¤1-29. p. 354- article two of the agreement with the Indians of the Blacgfeet Reservation, ratiiied by Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, one hundred `and fifty thousand dollars. i INDIANS AT FORT BERTHOLD AGENCY. Indians at Fort Berthold Agency. For last of ten installments of eighty thousand dollars each, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, as per V¤r 25.v-1033. second article ,of agreement ratined by Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, eighty thousand dollars. IOWAS, Iowas. For interest in lieu of investmenton fifty-seven thousand five hun- Interest. dred dollars, balance of one hundred and fifty-seven thousand five hundred dollars, to July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, at five per centum per annum, for education or other beneficial puiposes, under the direction of the President, fper ninth article of treatyo May Vol. 10. p. 1071- seventeenth, eighteen hundred and fi ty-four, two thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars., IOWAS IN OKLAHOMA- Iowasin0klahoma For last of five installments, second series, to be paid per capita. under the seventh article of agreement ratined by Act approved Febru- v01.26,p.v53. ary thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, three thousand dollars. And to enable the Secretary of the Interior to anticipate five installments, third series, same agreement, twelve thousan dollars; in all, fifteen thousand dollars. KANSAS. l Kansas, l For interest in lieu of investment on one -hundred and thirty-five Interest. thousand dollars, being the amount due the Kansas tribe of Indians, per second article of treat * of January fourteenth, eighteen hundred V<>1·9·p·842- and forty-six, six thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.