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500 FIETY-SIXTH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 786. 1900. ner as if she and her deceased husband had been residents within the _ _ district; at the time of his death. ' ,,,l,`l},$§}'{,,“§‘{*,’§,,‘,§},“,*}§,‘,§ Sec. 50. A widow may remain in the dwelling house of her husband wv- one year after his death without being chargeable with the rent therefor, and shall have reasonable sustenance out of the estate for one year. D·=¤¤¤8°= ‘°*' Wim Sec. 51. Whenever in any action brought for the pur ose, a widow mmng d°w°r' shall recoverlher dower in lands of which liar hgisbarig seizid, she shall be entitled also to recover damages or the wi o ing o suc dower. mggg¤8¢¤· MW ¢¤¤· SEo. 52. Such damage shall be one-third of the annual value of the ` mesne profits of the lands in which she shall so recover her dower, to be estimated in an action against the heirs of her husband from the time of his death, and in actions against other persons from the t1me of demanding her dower of such persons. D¤¤¤¤s¢¤ ¤¤¤ *0 i¤· Sec. 53. Such damages shall not be estimated for the use of any if»l§°1n`i§°m$;ml$°il¢l;l°` Eermanent improvements made after the death of her husband by his eirs, or by Vzny other (perso}1; ellaiming tgtle go such lands.1a ds 1 d 1>¤m¤s¤=¤ ¤z¤i¤¤¤ SEc. 54. hen a wi ow s a recover er ower in any n a iene helm by the heir of her husband she shall be entitled to recover of such heir, in a civil action, her damages for withholding such dower_ from the time of the death of her husband to the time of the al1enation_bIy the heir, not exceeding six years in the whole; and the amount whic she shall be entitled to recover from such heir shall be deducted from the amount she would otherwise be ent1tled to recover from such grantee; and any amount recovelrled asddeamlages frclijm suctli (grantee sha? be deducted from the sum s e wo otherwise e enti e to recover rom such heir. · ¢¤11¤¤iv¤ rewvew SEc. 55. When a widow not havin a right of dower shall, during 3igillli;il1¤°iiZiillr°Ju` the infancy of the heirs of the husiand, or any of them, or of any other person entitled to the lands, recover dower by the default or collusion of the guardian of such infant heirs, or sueh other lperson, such heir or other person so entitled shall not be pre]ud1ced ereby, but when he comes of full age he shall have an action against such widow to recover the lands so wrongfully awarded for dower. CHAPTER EIGHT. OF ESTATE BY THE GURTESY. Sec. 56. Husba.nd’s life estate. “,,§“Sl”*“"" “‘° °S‘ Sec. 56. When any man and his wife shall be seized in her right of ` any estate of inheritance in lands the husband shall, on the death of his wife}; holdl tgie gangs fo; hi; life as tenlant tlgeiéeof bybthe ciirtesy, althoug suc ‘ us an an wi e may no ave a ISSHB orn a ive. CHAPTER NINE. OF GENERAL 1·Rov1s1oNs ooNoEIcNING ESTATES IN LANDs. S . I Sec. I 5?7l Person in possession liable for rent. 60. Determination of estates at will and 58. Rent, how recovered. by sufferance. 59. `Last tv;3 sections not to exclude other ggtitgé forf itigurytsto inheritance. rem ies. . m y o nan In common. ,,}Q,‘§§,°‘g§,i;¥,;‘{§°°”i°“ _ SEc. 57. Every person in possession of land out of which any rent is due, whether 1t was originally demised in fee, or for any other estate of freehold, or for any term of years, shall be l1able for the