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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II._ Ch. 192. 1901. 755 Provzkled, That any peison appointed to be Chief of the Record and muk °*°b*°*· °°°· Peinsican Office after the passage of this Act shall have the rank of ‘ · co one . ‘ Sec. 26. That so long as there remain any officers holding perma- Pe&~¤etg&¤g1><>i¤*» nent appointments in the Adgutant-General’s De rtment, the nsgaec-niggas ai he proffibatzh tor-General’s Department, the Quartermaster’s gepartment, the ub- “°°°“““€'°“€“*°’**Y· sistence Department, the Pav Department, the Ordnance Department, and the Si nal Corps, includin those appointed to original vacancies in the grages of captain and Hist lieutenant under the provisions of sections sixteen, seventeen, twenty-one, and twenty-four of this Act, they shall be promoted according to seniority in the several rades, as, now provided by law, and nothing herein contained shall be deemed to · apply to vacancies which can be Hlled by such promotions or to the periods for which the officers so promoted shall hold their appointments, and when any vacancy, except that of the chief of the epart- ‘gg“',.}{§gd"°g;¤*j{g¤m{,° ment or corps, shall occur, which can not be filled by promotion as after examination. ' provided in t is section, it shall be filled by detail from the line of the Army, and no more permanent appointments shall be made in those departments or corps after the original vacancies created by this Act shall have been filled. Such details shall be made from the grade in which the vacancies exist, under such system of examination as the President may from time to time prescribe. , _ ‘ All officers so detailed shall serve for a period of four years, at the g;*;¤*;gm*¤e&¤<> ¤f¤>¤‘ egpiration of which time they shall return to duty with -the line, and Y ’ ` o cers below the rank of lieutenant-colonel shall not again be eligible for selection in any staff department until they shall have served two years with the line. ‘ .. _ That when vacancies shall occur in the position of chief of any staff or¤&¤ge§r<gn¤¤%¤ corps cor s or department the President may appoint to such vacancies, by cna, gow sH!$aY°`°°°` andp with the advice and consent of the Senate, officers of the Army at e large not below the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and who shall hold office . for terms of four years. When a vacancy in the position of chief of any ·¤*¤k 0* *¤¤¤¤{b¢¤f~ staff corps or department is filled by the appointment of an onicer below the rank now provided by law for said office, said chief shall, while so serving, have the same rank, pay, and allowances now provided for the chief of such corps or department. And any onicer now holding office in any corps or epartment who shall hereafter serve as chief of a staff corps or epartment and shall subsequently be retired, shall be retired with the rank, pay, and allowances authorized by law for the retirement of such corps or department chief: Promided, That 11j¤>r;gy· t _ so long as there remain in service officers of any staff corps or depart- mega. mu '"°°°mt' ment holding permanent appointments, the chief of such staff corps or de artment shall be selecte from the officers so remaining therein. Sec. 27. That each position vacated by officers of the line, trans- ,)_,Vj·,<;¤t§{=,f_¢*;rg[¤;1¤gi*;rg ferred to any department of the staff for tours of service under this ¢5smr,·1wws11ea. Act, shall be filled by promotion in the line until the total number ‘ detailedaequals the number authorized for duty .in each staff department. Thereafter vacancies caused; by details from the line to the staff shall be filled by officers returning from tours of staff duty. If under the operation of this Act the~.number of officers returned to any particular arm of the service at any time exceeds the number authorized y law in any grade, promotions to that grade shall cease until the number has` been reduced to that authorized. Sec. 28. That vacancies in the grade of field officers and captain, ,Vg¤{5¤¢ieéi¤ ered; created by this Act, in the cavalry, artillery, and infantry shall be gg.-gtén ldreldllgl ally filled by promotion according to seniority in each branch, res ectively. ‘ “°*· h°“' ““°d· Vacancies existing after the dpromotions have been made shall be pro- gsggreg vgleggrious vided for as follows: A su cient number shall be reserved in the °’ °W ‘ grade of second lieutenant for the next graduating class at the United tates Military Academy. ‘