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FIFTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 994. 1903. 985 Telegraphing, and purchase of Indian su lies: To a the ex use P“'°h°*i¤€¤“PPli°¤· of purchasing goods and supplies for the Ilhdian Seriiixi, and phy of m` necessary employees; advertising, at rates not exceeding regular commercial rates; inspection, and all other expenses connected therewith, . and for telegraphing, fifty thousand dollars. For necessary expenses of transportation of such goods, provisions, p,Q1g,“““P°"i”¥ ’“¥’ and other artic es for the various tribes of Indians provided for by I this Act, including pay and expenses of transportation agents and rent of warehouses, two hundred thousand dollars. · For pure vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians, five thousand V¤¤¤i¤¤¤¤¤- dollars. i . FULFILLING TREATY STIPULATIONS WITH AND SUP- F“““““g "‘*"‘l°”· PORT OF INDIAN TRIBES. omrrmwas or rim mssrssrrm. Mgglrggk 0* me For support of a school or schools upon said reservation, during the $°h°°*¤- pleasure o the President, in accordance with third article of treaty of V°l· l°· P- 720 rch nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, four thousand dollars. onoouws. °"°°‘·“‘””· For permanent annuity, r second article of treaty of November ,,§,f""‘“‘¥’°“‘ ““““*‘ sixteenth, eighteen hundredxiind ive, and thirteenth article of treaty V¤1~7.r·99· gf {lane twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, three thousand V"' 11* l" 61* o ars; _ For permanentannuity for support of light horsemen, per thirteenth {,*’(§l‘§,’;,‘f‘§f,_¥f‘°"· article of treaty of October eig teenth, eighteen hundred and twenty, and thirteenth article of treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hun- V°l· ¤· P· 61*- dred and fifty-five, six hundred dollars; _ For permanent annuit for support of blacksmith, per sixth article ${,‘{?$?',’}l§l§g,_ of treaty of October eigliteenth, eighteen hundred and twenty, ninth article of treaty of January twentieth, eighteen hundred and twenty- V°l‘ 7‘ l"23°‘ five, and thirteenth article of treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen V0? U- P·6**- - hundred and fifty-five, six hundred dollars; I _ For permanent annuity for education, per second and thirteenth $Z,§l°#‘§,‘?'§g;_ articles of last two treaties named above, six thousand dollars; V“l· ll- Q 61*, For permanent annuity for iron and steel, per ninth article of treaty Wffl %“,$_§€§f‘ of January twentieth. eighteen hundred and twenty-tive, and thirtecnt , _ article of treatv of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty- l`°‘“""“l`°‘ live, three hundred and twenty dollars; I _ For interest on three hundred and ninety thousand two hundred and “t"°’°' fifty-seven dollars and ninety-two cents, at five per centum per annum, for education, su port of the government, and other beneficial purposes, under the direction of the general council of the Choctaws, in conformity with the rovisions contained in the ninth and thirteenth V<>1.7.p. articles of treaty of Jlinuary twentieth, eighteen hundred and twenty- five. and treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-tive, V0l.11.p.614. nineteen thousand five hundred and twelve dollars and eighty-nine cents; in all, thirty thousand and thirty-two dollars and eighty-nine cents. ouxrrnwas or Mmxnsom, Rnimnussanrn. HQQQQEWWM ‘” Mm Advance interest to the Chi pewa Indians in Minnesota, as required “"‘”‘°° ‘“"*’“‘· by section seven of "An Act fldr the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota} approved January fourteent , Vol- Z5. p- M5- eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, in the manner required by said Act (reimbursable), ninety thousand dollars.