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198 FIFI`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 7 85,7 87-7 89. 1902. jury only shall be summoned and serve in both said courts, and all grand and all Betit juries for the circuit and district courts of the district of South akota shall be drawn from the bodly of said district and from the inhabitants of the State of South Da ota who are liable accolrding to the laws of saliddSltati to do jury duty in the courts thereof, in the manner now provide y aw. 1¤¤¤¤<=¢-T¤1r1.1Wl- Sec. 4. That this Act shall bein full force and effect on and after _ July first, anno Domini nineteen hundred and two. _ Approved, May 9, 1902. _ lh! 13. 1902- CHAP. 787.-An Act For the relief of citizens of the French West Indies. mm N0` ml Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatii:e.s afthe United

"°“°l‘w‘,f°f,"‘}*$ States of America in Oonyressasseinbled, To enable the President of the
¤r. United States to procure and distribute among the suffering and desti-

,ur:_°n"m°° °‘ "' tute people of the islands of the French West Indies such provisions, clothmg, medicines and other necessary art1c1es and to take such other steps as he shall deem advisable for the purpose of rescuing and succoring the people who are in peril and threatened with starvation the sum of two hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. uhggqwtdvlg In the execution of this Act the President is requested to ask and mma Government. obtain the approval of the French Government and he is hereby author- ° ized to em o an vessels of the United States Nav and to charter P .Y & Y and employ any o er suitable steamship or vessels. · Approved, May 13, 1902. Mw 14. 1902- GHAJP. '788.t—An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act granting to the Clear-

  Xfmley Railroad Company a right of way through the Nez Perces Indian land

Be it enacted by the Senate and II0us;¢g`Re]27·ese1ztativee of the United Rn‘§{$*6_'j,"g_$,§,p:’,f;l°Y States cj`America in Ocngreas assemb , That section live of an Act ug}? erespglm ro; approved February twentyeighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, ida Fgms illii., entitled "An Act granting to the Clearwater Vallev Railroad Company 16;:3-m p_ M_ a right of way through the Nez Perces Indian lands in Idaho, be, ` and the same is here y, amended so that the time for constructing said railroad through the Nez Perces Indian Reservation in the State of Idaho, and also through the lands formerly embraced within said reservation, but now allotted to individual members of the Nez Perces Eésqggdm F·¤¤¤- tribe of Indians shall be extended to the twenty-eighth day of Feb- My ’ruary, nineteen hundred and five. Approved, May 1-1, 1902. Mar 14. 1902- 789.-An Act To provide an American register for the bark Otto Gilde- [mnne, Nc. 114.] m° I- _ Be it enacted by the Senate and 1{rmse°0fR1e€n·¢ztatives of the United m;9"° G""°”‘°** States of America in Cbngress aesembfea', at the Commissioner of American register Navigation is hereby authorized and directed to cause the foreign-built §{3,Y,§.§ld f$”l~;f.§`;`.§ bark Otto Gildemeister, owned by George F. Ellis. a citizen of the “'°’*’ B°“’“’·" United States- and repaired by him, to be registered as a vessel of the