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250 FIFTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sms. I. Ch. 888. 1902. or Creek tribes the sum of nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and sixt -eight dollars, being in full for the ermanent annuiv¤1. 1. vr·¤6.¤¤.¤w- ties guaranteed them by the treaties of August seventh, seventeen hundred and ninety, June sixteenth, eighteen hundred and two, January twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and twenty-six, August seventh, Vol.11.P-GW. eighteen hundred and fifty-six, and June fourteenth, eighteen hunv°l‘ 1°"‘m' dred and sixty-six, to be added to the Creek general fund already to imma: me. the credit of said nation, and to draw interest at live per centum per annum until drawn out of the Treasury for the urpose named in the V¤1-=¤1- 1*-861- agriezemegnth with the Musglogeg orlC1·$ek tribe of Ihdians ratified by Act o - arc rst, nineteen un re an one. Per wx: for ¤—> For payment per capita, under the direction of the Secretary of the °°vm°Interior, to certain Creek Indians, or their heirs, who removed themselves from east of the Mississippi River to the Creek Nation, in the Indian Territo , and subsisted themselves for one vear, in accordance · with the twelfth, article of the treaty with the Creel: tribe, proclaimed v¤1.1,1>·=¤67- April fourth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, twelve thousand two hundred and twenty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: mm Bwided, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall, before payment "°°"°“""°°' is made, require satisfactory proof that each of said Indians is entitled to the same under the provisions of said treaty. ¤¤>*¤ cnows. V<>¤·¤2· r··4¤· For the twenty-first of twenty-five installments, as lprovided in _ agreement with the Crows, dated June twelfth, eighteen undred and eighty, to be used b the Secretary of the Interior in such manner as the President may direct, thirty thousand dollars. ` "`°'*H‘"I“‘“"“‘ FORT HALL 1NmANs. "°‘·”’**’·‘“· For fourteenth of twenty installments, as rovided in agreement with said Indians, approved February twenty-third, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, to be used by the Secretar of the Interior for the benefit of the Indians in such manner as the gresident n1ay direct, six thousand dollars. ,,,§}Q$,'§f°°‘ A‘°“°" mmaxs AT nmoxrnmr AGENCY. For fifth of nine installments, to be disposed of as provided in article two of the agreement with the Indians of the Blackfeet Reservation, ‘·’<>1.2¤.p-3M ratified by Act a proved June tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, one hundred andpfifty thousand dollars.

  • ·>W¤ rowixs.

1¤¤=r¢¤¢- For interest in lieu of investment on fifty-seven thousand five hundred dollars, balance of one hundred and fifty-seven thousand five hundred dollars, to July first, nineteen hundred and two, at five per V¤\-1¤·r>-10’/1- centum per annum, for edumtion or other beneticial purposes. under the direction of the President, r ninth article of treaty of May seventeenth. eighteen hundred andmfifty-four. two thousand eight hundred aud seventydive dollars. K**”*”· KANSAS. xmemsc. For interest in lieu of investment on one hundred and thirtv-live thousand dollars, being the amount due the Kansas tribe of India VM- 9-1*-8*2- per second article of treatv of Januarv fourteenth, eighteen hundrigd and forty-six, six thousand seven hundred and fifty dohars.