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FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 888. 1902. 273 general repairs and improvements, one thousand five hundred dollars; for construction of power house and moving machinery, three thou-

 dollars; in all, thirty-five thousand one hundred and twenty-five

o ars. For support and education of seventy-five upils at the Indian $0*1******* UM- school in southern Utah, twelve thousand five liundred and twenty- tive dollars; pay of superintendent, nine hundred dollars; general repairs and improvements, five hundred dollars; in all, thirteen thousand nine hun ed and twenty-Eve dollars. For the support and education of two hundred and twenty-five Indian '*`°'”l‘· Wl'- pupils at the ndian school, Tomah, Wisconsin, thirty-seven thousand ve hundred and seventy-five dollars; for pay of superintendent at said school, one thousand six hundred dollars; for general repairs and improvements, three thousand dollars; for purchase of land, six thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; for warehouse, two thousand dollars; for the erection of a barn and silo, five thousand dollars; in all, fifty-five thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars. For support and education of one hundred and fifty upils at the A;`;~*¤*¤¤ ¤¤¤¥¤¤. Indian sc ool at Truxton Canyon, Arizona, twenty-five thousand and fifty dollars; pay of superintendent, one thousand nve hundred dollars; gpneral reipairs and improvements, four thousand dollars; in all, thirty ousand ve hundred and fifty dollars. For the erection- of school buildings on the Tulalip Reservation, wm¤l*PR¤¤¢"¤**¤¤· 'Washington, to replace those recently burned, thirty thousand dollars,· to be immediately available. _ For additional amount for construction, purchase, lease and repair m’f,';'g:g’*:*t}, ‘°’ °°¤· ' of school buildingls; for sewer and water supply and lighting plants;` for purchase of sc ool sites or additions thereto, and for improvements of buildin and grounds, fifty thousand dollars. For colleaction and transportation of Pupils to and from Indian T'*¤¤P°¤**°i°¤· M- schools, and also for· the transportation o Indian pupils from all the Indian schools and placin of them, with the consent of their parents, under the care and contr<5 of such suitable white families as may in all respects be qualified to give such pupils moral, industrial, and educational training, under arrangements in which their proper care, suppogt, and education shall bein exchange for their labor, forty thousand 0 ars. That all expenditure of money appropriated for· school purposes in ,,,§}{{{’§,‘Q",.§f°“ °' °" this Act shall be at all.times under the supervision and direction of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and in al res cts in conformity with such conditions, rules, and regulations as to age conduct and methods of instruction and expenditure of money as may be from time to time rescribed by him subject to the supjervision of the Secretary of the Interior: Provided, That not more t an one hundred and sixty-seven f,"g#°g; pu cmu dollars shall be expended for the annual support and education of any expense. one pupil in any school herein specifically {provided for, except when, by reason of epidemic, accident, or other su cient cause, the attendance is so reduced that a lar er expenditure is absolutely necessary for the efficient operation of the school affected, when the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, may allow a larger r capita expenditure, such expenditure to continue only so long as th; said necessity therefor shall exist: Prmr£ded_fin·t}zw·, That the total amount appropriated for the support of such school shall T°“" *°' “"”°°‘“· not be exceeded. H-wirledfurther, That the number of pupils in any Wxflgggggggncgf school entitled to the per capita allowance hereby provided for shal ` be detemiined by taking the average enrollment for the entire fiscal yegr and nrclit any fmctioml papt therpoif h h Pu h f Ec. 2. hat no urc se o supp 16S 01* W ic appro riations are um *-5** ° i*‘*P· hereinmade, exceeding in the aggregate five hundred dollars in value ph mmmvm sed` vor. xxxrr, rr 1--18