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l·`I1·"I`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1036. 1902. 325 additional land, or a new site therefor, and to provide for an addition to the public building at Los Angeles, California., and appropriating money therefor,” together with the unexpended balance of) the appropriation for "court- ouse and post—oflice at Los Angeles, California; V<>1-31.1>- 1134· for completion of addition to present buildin under present limit, one hundr and fifty thousand dollars," are hereby covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous items. Authority is hereby given to the f S¤*¤¤¤>¤¤¤¢f¢l¤l¤¤ Secretary of the Treasurfy to settle adjust any claims for damages M dm°m' due to the abrogation officertain contracts under former appropriations for a pub ic building at Los Angeles, provided the amounts thereof can e liquidated for such sums as in his opinion are just and reasonable, and a sum of money sufficient to cover such adjustments and settlements shall be paid from the amount herein authorized. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby further authorized and 0°¤*¤¤*-¤ empowered to enter into contracts for the erection of the building herein authorized, within the limit of cost hereby fixed. Sec. 18. That upon the land heretofore acquired as a site for the §g£i{)¤g$£hVtst-oflice and custom-house building at Burlington, Vermont, the nm, p. 420. g' Sgcretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to cause to be erected a suitable, commodious, and iireproof building for the accommodation of all the branches of the Federal service in said city, at a total cost, including heating and ventilatin apparatus, fire roof vaults, elevators and approaches, of not exceedin one hundred and seventy thousand dollars; and to provide a suitalde location for said b,§§,"{’,f;'“l °* °ld building the present post-oflice and custom—house building shall be P¤¤¢.vY1209. removed to some other location on said site, and shall continue to be used and occupied for its present purposes until the completion of the new buildinghereinbefore authorized: Provided, That from theappro- I priation hereafter made for the new building hereinbefore authorized °°° ° I°m°” ’°l°' not to exceed ten thousand dollars may be used for the removal, · repair, and renovation of the present post—office and custom—house building, to make the same suitable for occupancy pending the erection of such new building. _ That after the completion and occupancy of the new building herein ,,,§‘?l° °f °l° b“““` authorized to be constructed the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and empowered to dispose of, at public auction or private sale, at such time and ptpon such terms as he shall consider to the best interests of the Unit States, the resent post—office and custom-house building, or the materials of which the same is composed, and to deposit the proceeds thereof in the Treasury of the United States as a miscellaneous receipt. Sec. 19. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall require all owners 0***** 0*****- or agents of sites in each city mentioned in this Act, where sites or additions to sites are to be purchased, to submit offers of sale in writing, and no payment shall be made to any owner or agent of the ropert · involved on account of the land proposed to be sold or purchased and no lans shall be drawn or money expended for a buildin upon a donatcdp site until a written opinion of the Attorney-Generod of the United States shall be filed with the Secretary of the reasury in favor of the validity of the title of the land agreed to be purchased or Wild mlsdonated. And in case a site or addition to a site acquired under the Ouwéhwgjgw provisions of this Act contains a building or buildings the Secretary ' of the Treasury is hereby authorized to rent unt1 their removal becomes necessary such of said buildings as he may deem desirable at a fair rental value, the proceeds thereof to be deposited in the Treasury of the United States, and a report of the proceedings to be submitted to Congress annually: P/·0va'ded, That each site selected under mgém mg the provisions of this Act shall contain not less than fifteen thousand square feet of ground space, and shall be bounded upon at least two sides by streets.