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398 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. OHS. 1140, 1151, 1154, 1155. 1902. time by violating any existing law or rison regulation such portion of lost good time as may be proper, in gis `udgment, upon recommendations and evidence submitted to him by tlie warden in charge. Restoration, in the case of United States convicts condned in State and Territorial institutions, shall be regulated in accordance with the rules governing such institutions, respectively. ¤**¤¤¤· Sec. 3. That this Act shall take effect and be in force from and after thirty days from the date of its approval, and shall apply only to sentences imposed by courts subsequent to the time that this Act takes

        • 0* **°***°**°°S· effect, as hereinbefore provided. Prisoners serving under any sentence

imposed prior to such time shall be entitled and receive the commuta- R°*’°°*· tion heretofore allowed under existing laws. Such existing laws are hereby repealed as to all sentences imposed subsequent to the time when this Act takes eifect. Approved, June 21, 1902. -*****6 23- *90* 1151.-—-An Act Providing for the appointment of James W. Long, late a [public N0_ I-l1_] rlzptrzmaignited States Army, a captain of infantry, and for placing his name on the Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rrgwesentatizaes of the United §‘,§';,"’b`Q*`·,f;,°p”Q,§;,,ed States of Amerzea in Congress assembled, That_the President be, and fgwv. Army mired is hereby, authorized to nominate and, by and with the advice and con- ' sent of the Senate, to appoint James W. Long, late captain in the United States Army, a captain of infantry, and to thereupon place his name upon the unlimited retired list of the Army, in the class whose disabilities result from wounds received in battle. Approved, June 23, 1902. June 24, 1902. CHAP. 1_154.—An Act Declaring the Osage River to be not a navigable stream [Pubum N0_ ,,2] ggolvleitlgp point where the line between the counties or Benton and Saint Clair crosses Be it enacted by the Senate and House pif Representatives 0{the United Q;’Q*f,‘j,`f§:x,f,e*·{{;;)v€ States of America in (bngress assemble ., That the Osage iver in the Benwn und Sain: State of Missouri, above the point where the dividing line between the mm °°"°"°”` counties of Benton and Saint Clair crosses said river, is hereby declared not to be a navigable stream and shall be so treated by the Secretary of \Var and all other authorities. Approved, June 21, 1902. Jww 24. 1902. CHAP. 1155.-An Act To amend section forty-one hundred and thirty-nine and "é,,,,{,H,,_ g],; ,g,iT section forty-three hundred and fourteen of the Revised Statutes. Be it enacted by Senate and House of R¥m>sentat£z·e.¤ of the United gvgisgzg Mates of America m Umgness rzssenzbted, That section forty-one hunméiiéiéln 'P" " dred and thirty-nine of the Revised Statutes be, and the same is hereby, , amended so as to read as follows: ,O*;§;§Q1m§,§"‘*'°‘°"‘ “Sec. 4139. Previous to granting a register for any vessel owned by any incorporated company, or by an individual or individuals, the president or secretary of such company, or any other officer or agent thereof. duly authorized by said company in writing, attested by the corporate seal thereof, to act for the company in this behalf, or the managing owner, or his agent duly authorized by power of attorney, when such vessel is owned by an individual or individuals, shall swear