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FIFTIWSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1157. 1902. 401 Sec. :2. That section five of said Act be amended so as to read as V°l·’5·P·"‘“· follows: "Sec. 5. That whenever, and as often as the survey, examination, S“l°°‘Pi“°“'”l’°'· and lists of one hundred thousand acres of said pine lands or of a less - quantity, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, have been P°"· P· 98** made and applroved, the Secretary of the Interior shall be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to sell, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, and at such times and places as he may designate, to be scaled under Scribner’s rules in the log after being cut, all the merchantable pine timber, whether the same be green or dead, standing or fallen, now on such pine lands, with the exception of five per centum of said timber on certain reservations as hereinafter provided, to be paid for when the timber is cut, banked, and scaled in the manner herein provided for: Provided, That said pine timber shall £§}’,‘Q°‘{;,d,_ be advertised for sale in Government sections or parts of sections, and shall be sold only by separate sealed bids for the pine timber on each section, and the Secretary of the Interior shall reserve the right to reject any or all of said bids: Provided, That the Secretary of ********1 ¤*°¤P¤· the Interior may also receive bids in groups of not exceeding ten sections in any one bid, which bids may be in addition to the separate, bids by sections on the same lands. T e parties bidding shall accompany each of said sealed bids with cash or certified check for twenty per centum of the amount of the bid for the pine timber on any particular section or groups, according to the highest value as shown by the Government estimate as hereinbefore provided for, and said cash or certified check shall be retained and credited as part ment of the purchase price should the bid he accepted, but shouldplthe bid be rejected said cash or certified check shall be immediately returned to the bidder: Provided further, That said timber shall not be sold at a "““"““’” ¥"*°°· price less than four dollars per thousand feet board measure for Norway pine and five dollars per thousand feet board measure for white pine: P#·m,•ided_fin·t}m·, That the Secretary of the Interior may increase ,,§§,§’°f,’j;§, said minimum price on portions of said timber as he may deem just and r>ri<><·· _ _ pgoperz Provided fur! er, That said Secretary may, if he shall deem it E"’°"°“ °‘S°‘*“““· st, permit the purchaser of the timber on any Government section or ggpup to erect a mill of a capacity of not less than forty thousand feet r measure of lumber per day, and to manufacture thereat the timber on said Government sections or groups, said mill to be located on said section or group, or at such place in the immediate vicinity as may be designated by said Secretary: and the said Secretary is authorized ltelcfm °* l"“‘ “"" to lease to such purchaser not exceeding three hundred and twenty acres of land for mill purposes, for any one purchase, at an annual rental to be fixed by the Secretary of the nterior, for a renewable term not exceeding ten years, said term to end, in any event, so soon as the timber purchased shall have been sawed and removed, said lease of land to be exclusive of the timber thereon, which timber shall be disposed of as herein provided for other timber: And p2·0vided f2u·- tlwr, That prior to any sale the Secretary of the Interior shall cause ucI;“$*S°:£°¤ °* ¤*>· notices of said sale to be inserted once in each week. for four succes- ` sive weeks, in one newspaper of general circulation, published in each of the following cities, namely: Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Winona, and Crookston, Minnesota; Chicplgo, Illinois; Milwaukee, La Crosse, Ashland, \Vausau. and Marinette, isconsin; Detroit, Saginaw, Menominee, and Bay Cit *, Michigan; Philadelphia and Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Boston, Mlassachuwtts; New Or eans, Louisiana; Saint Louis, Missouri; Albany, New York, and Dubuque, Davenport, and Burlington, Iowa, and in the following trade journals, to wit: The Northwestern Lumberman, of Chicago, Illinois, and the Mississippi Valley Lumberman, of Minnea olis, Minnesota, of the sale of said timberas herein provided to the highest bidder. with the right to v01. xxxrr, rr 1-26