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704 FIFI`Y—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1369. 1902. overnment may be described as mining recorder published nearest to Phe location of such land and in two newspapers ublished in Manila, one in the English language and one in the Spanish language, to be designated by the chief of the Philippine insular bureau of public lands; and the provincial secretary or such other officer as by said government may be described as mining recorder shall require proofs that such notice has been given. m’{*‘§;’f,¤°* Sec. 48. That where nonmineral land not contiguous to the vein or milling, ele.lode is used or occupied by the proprietor of such vein or lode for mining or milling pu ses, such nonadjacent surface round may bq embraced and incluxdgd in an application for a patent fir such vein or lode, and the same may be patented therewith, subject to the same preliminary requirements as to survey and notice as are applicable to veins or lodes; butno location of such nonad`acent land s all exceed two hectares, and payment for the same must be made at the same rate Mill site pawns. as tixed by this Act for the superiicies of the lode. _ The owner of a quartz mill or reduction works not owning a mine in connection therewith may also receive 8 patent for his mill site as provided in this Section. R¤1¤¤f·¤¤i¤¢¤·¢¤¤- Sec. 49. That as a condition of sale the Government of the Philippine Islands may provide rules for working, licing, and sanitation of mines, and rules concerning easements, <£·(a.inage, water rights, right of way, right of Government survey and inspection, and other necessary means to their complete development not inconsistent with __ the rovisions of this Act, an those conditions shall be fully ex ressed mg°;Q§ `M d°P¤*Y in tlie patent. The Philippine Commission or its successors arelxereby further emplowered to fix the bonds of deputy mineral surveyors. mf_’,j,°j°rf;*,f:_*°'¤*°d Sec. 50. hat whenever by priority of possession rights to the use of water for mining, a ricultural, manufacturing, or other purposes have vested and accrued and the same are recognized and acknowledged by the local customs, laws, and the decisions of courts, the possessors and owners of such vested rights shall be maintained and protected in the same, and the right of way for the construction of ditches and canals for the purposes herein specified is acknowledged and confirmed, D¤¤¤8°¤ but whenever any person, in the construction of an r ditch or canal, injure or damages the possession of an settler on the public domain, the party committing such injury Ol' dlamage shall be liable to the Au t ts mb L party injured for such injury or damage. as vestgd iviimrngiiefi, Sec. 51. That all patents granted shall be Subject to any vested and °“‘· accrued water rights, or rig ts to ditches and reservoirs used in connection with sucli water r1ghts as may have been acquired under or recognized bv the preceding section. ,,§g‘g§’j§f;{;$g{c_ °* Sec. 52. That the Government of the Philippine Islands is authorized to establish land districts and provide for the appointment of the necessary officers wherever they may deem the same necessary for the public convenience, and to further provide that in districts where land offices are established proceedin s required by this Act to be had peforefiprovincial officers shall behad before the proper officers of such and offices. °°°H°”° mm"' Sec. 53. That every person above the age of twenty-one years, who is a citizen of the United States, or of the Philippine Islands, or who has acquired the rights of a native of said islands under and by virtue of the treaty of Paris, or any association of persons severally qualiiied as above, shall, upon application to the proper provincial treasurer, have the right to enter any quality of vacant coal lands of said Islands ““‘*‘· not otherwise appropriated or reserved by competent authority, not exceeding sixty-four hectares to such individual person, or one hundred and twenty-eight hectares to such association, upon payment to the provincial treasurer or the collector of internal revenue, as the ¥i¤l¤¤¤¤¤ v¤i·=¢- case may be, of not less than twenty-five dollars per hectare for such