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F1K[`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 755. 1903. 889 of the winds to be expected during the month succeeding the date of issue; the set and strength of the currents; the feeding grounds of whales and seals; the regions of storm, fog, and ice; the positions of derelicts and iloating obstructions to navigation; and the best routes to be followed by steam and by sail; including the expenses of communicating and circulating information; litho raphing and engraving; the purchase of materials for, and printing and mailing the chart, two th<i_usand dollars. I or one e ectroty in lant for use in electrot i en raved chart E °°"°*’P*”¤P‘°°*~ plates, eight hundreld dgnlljars. yp ng g No expenditure shall be incurred or authorized for ersonal services ’°°"°¥"" '°”*°°”· or otherwise under the Hydrographic Office at Washington, District of Columbia, during the iiscal year nineteen hundred an four except as herein authorized by appropriations under the Navy Department or under szppropriations that may be made for printing and bmding. NAVAL Bsnavuroar: For pay of three assistant astronomers, one N¤v¤10b¤¤rv¤wry. at two thousand dollars, and two at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; one clerk of class four; one clerk of class two; instrument maker, one thousand five hundred dollars; electrician, one thousand five hundred dollars; photographer, one thousand two hundred dollars; five computers at one thousand two hundred dollars each; librarian, one thousand four hundred dollars; sten rapher and typewriter, nine hundred dollars; foreman and captain ofollie watch, one thousand dollars; carpenter, and engineer, at one thousand dollars each; assistant on equatorial, one thousand dollars; assistant in spectroscopic work, one thousand dollars; three firemen; six watchmen; elevator conductor, seven hundred and twenty dollars; and nine laborers; in all, thirty- nine thousand four hundred and forty dollars. For miscellaneous computations, four thousand dollars. 0<>¤¤x>¤¤¤<>¤¤. For rofessional and scientific books, periodicals, engravings, plho- B<><>1¤.e¤=. tographs, and fixtures for the library, seven hundred and fifty dol rs. or a piaratus and instruments, and for repairs of the same, two Appemws. . thousand) ollars. . , For rppairs to buildings, fixtures, and fences, furniture, ps, chem- Gontinzenrexpensea icals, a stationery freight (including transmission of pu lic documents through the Smithsonian exchange), foreign postage, and expressage plants, fertilizers, and all contingent expenses, two thousand ve hundred dollars. For fuel, oil, grease, tools, pipe, wire, and other materials needed m¤°°“•'*°°“*· for the maintenance and repair of boilers, engines, heating apparatus, electric lighting and power plant, and water-supply system; purchase and maintenance of teams; material for boxing nautical instruments for transgrtation; paints, telegraph and telep one service, and inci- , dental la r, seven thousand five hundred dollars. NAu·rrcA1. ALMANAC Onion: For the following assistants, in pre- 0g:g¤¤•1 M¤¤¤¤¤¤ parin for publication the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, ` namegv: Three, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; two, at one thousand four hundred dollars each; three, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; two, at one thousand dollars each; one copyist and typewriter, nine hundred dollars; one assistant messenger; and one messenger boy, four hundred and twenty dollars; in all, fifteen thousand two hun red and forty dollars. For pay of computers on piecework in preparing for publication the *`°¤¤=¤*¤¤- American Ephemeris and l\autical Almanac and improving the tables of the planets, moon, and stars, seven thousand dollars. BUREAU or Srruu Ervoryizmusoz For chief clerk, two thousand g,2;$&°fSm¤ E¤· dollars; one clerk of class three; one clerk of class two; one clerk of ' class one; one assistant messenger; two laborers; draftsman, one thousand four hundred dollars; assistant draftsman, one thousand two