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918 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 856, 857. 1903. “¤;_¤f¤°°“¤¤ **8*** INTERSECTING menwmrs. $¤'"'¤Y¤· °*°- Any and all streets or highways within the District of Columbia now or hereafter planned or projected to cross any line of steam railroad in the District of Columbia, which ma be hereafter opened to lpublic use, shall be located, constructed, and, maintained either beneat such railroad by a suitable subway, or above the same by a suitable viaduct bridge at such altitude as will not interfere with the free and safe 3,2*;*; BQ; °P°¤“*€ operation there°of. The cost and expense of opening said streets or 'highways within the limits of such railroad company’s right of way, including the cost of constructing the portion of any viaduct bridge, within said limits, shall be borne and paid half by such railroad com- , pany, its successors and assigns, and half by the istrict of Columbia M°*¤°°°'*°°°- and the United States, but after construction the cost of maintenance shall be wholly borne and paid as in the case of other public highways in the District of Columbia; and the portions of such streets now or hereafter planned or lprojected as above which lie·within a right of way belonging to suc railroad company shall be dedicated by such company as a public thoroughfare when the portions of such street adjonjianlg such right of way have been similarly dedicated or otherwise lll . U'° by °“‘°" ’°°""· MSec. 11. That any railroad company now or hereafter_ lawfully existing and authorized to extend a line of railroad into the District of Columbia, or having secured the right to operate over the lines of any other then existing railroad, to a point of connection with the °°“'P°“““°“· tracks of said terminal company, shall have theht to the joint use of said station and terminals upon the payment ldiga reasonable compensation for the use of the same; and if the parties be unable toagree upon such terms, then the same shall be prescribed by the supreme court of the District of Columbia, upon petition of either party in _ interest, under such rules of procedure as the said court shall prescribe. B§g;‘jf“*‘°" "* "’“* Sec. 12. That the Philade phia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company shall establish and maintain a substation with suitable accommodation for passenger travel at a convenient location north of the Long Bridge and at a point to be approved by the Commissioners of the istrict of Columbia. AMENDMENT AND Berman. ‘““°“°“‘°“°‘ Sec. 13. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act. Approved, February 28, 1903. F¤b¤¤¤'Y 28- 190*3- CHAP. 857 .—An Act To authorize the construction of a bridge across tho Missouri TQ§,,_Q River and to establish it as a post road. _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and IIONSZ3/'.IB€]}T€8€Htdt?:U68 of the United }‘,§';,°f,§,};"(§‘f,§’f’§;,,,k_ State.; of Ame1·2Zea in Oongreae assembl , That it shall be lawful for gggtzgdgjyaigggq the Kansas City, Parkville and Saint Joseph Electric Railway Com- ?ny may bridge, at pany (a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri), ““““ °"Y· M°· its successors or assigns, to construct a bridge across the Missouri River at a point on the north boundary line of Kansas City, Missouri, to a point opposite the said Kansas City, Missouri, on the north side of said river, in Clay Count ·, in the State of Missouri, said bridge to be so placed as to be erected, between what is known as the Hannibal Brid and Troost avenue, in Kansas City, Missouri; that said bridge maya constructed for railway and postal service and a age for persons and vehicles, with single or double tracks for railway traflic,