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1280 FIFTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 2907. 1907. 6********* °‘P°“’°S- · Punuc nonns: To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to make inquiries in regard to systems of road managementthroughout the United States; to furnish expert- advice on road building; to make investigations in regard to the best methods of road making, and the best kinds of roadmaking materials in the several States; to investigate the chemical and physical character of road materials; for the employment of local and special agents, clerks, assistants, and other labor required in the city of Washington and elsewhere; for collating, digesting, reporting, and illustrating the results of such investigations and experiments; for preparing, publishing, and distributing bul— · letins and reports; for rent and repairs of buildings not to exceed two thousand dollars; for necessary office fixtures and supplies, apparatus, and materials; telegraph and telephone service, traveling and other necessary expenses, and to enable him to assist the agricultural colleges and experiment stations in disseminating information on this sub]ect, ` fifty-seven thousand six hundred and sixty dollars. 'lotal for Office of Public Roads, seventy thousand and fifty dollars. Total, Department of Agriculture, for 1'0lltlIlB and ordinary work, eight million six hundred and ninety-two thousand two hundred and ninety dollars. ` c,§’,f;f,“;{C “’ ’““° And hereafter the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to l` _` make such appointments, promotions, and changes in salaries, to be _ paid out of the) lump funds of the several bureaus, divisions, and offices of the Department as may be for the best interests of the mfgioruimmc service: Bmdded, That the maximum salary of any classified scientific empioyemew- investigator in the city of Washington, or other employee en ed in scientific work, shall not exceed t ree thousand five hundrecIa<§>llars per annum. And the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized and directed to pay the salary of each employee from the roll of the bureau, independent division, or office in which the employee is work· S£$;gl$,,;’gg‘;Yd ‘° ing, and no other: Provzded,. however, That details may be made from ` or to the office of the Secretary when necessary and the services of the person whom it is proposed to detail are not required in that office; A"""'" "‘“°"‘°"" and he is further authorized and directed to submit to Congress each year a statement covering all acppointments, romotions, or othe1· changes made in the salaries pai from lump fiinds. giving in each case the title., salary, and amount of such change or changes, together with reasons therefor. p'{Qg;{_f“°Y *¥’P’°‘ EMERGENCY APPROPRIATIONS. ¤¤¢¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤*•¤¤¤- Corrrou noLL wmzvu. 1Nvi=;str1oAT1oNs: FOR T'!-IE BUREAU or PLANT I1~:nUs·mY: To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to meet the emergency caused by the continued spread of the Mexican cotton boll weevii in the Southern States by encouraging the diversification of crops, improved cultural methods, breeding of new cottons, and to study the diseases of cotton, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. of which sum forty thousand dollars shall be immediately available. And the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to expend said appropriation in such manner as he shall deem best, in cooperation with the State experiment stations and practical cotton growers. ¤<>¤<>¤ M11 wwe]- F on run BUREAU or Ex*ro1ioLoer: To enable the Secretarv of Agriculture to meet the emergency caused by the continued spread of the Mexican cotton boll weevil in the Southern States by further studies of the habits and damage of the pest, the collection of data regarding its status, the study of parasites and diseases. the testing of remedies suggested. and the completion of experiments now under wav, fortv thousand dollars. or so much thereof as may be necessary.` mciypqhsnd bmwu Pnnvnxriox or SPREAD or Morris: To enable the Secretary of Agri- “‘° ‘ culture to meet the emergency caused by the continued spread of the