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192 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 2458. 1906. ` N4; M 1906- CHAP. 2468.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "‘An Act to provide for the con- ` [ · mm'] struction and maintenance of roads, the establishment and maintenance or schools,

 and the care and su port of insane persons in the district of Alaska, and for other

purposes," approve¢l)Jauuary twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and five. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0_fReprecen¢a¢v}ve·9 of the United Mnh md' States 0_fAmerica in Omzgress assezzzbled, That section one of an Act _ entitled "A11 Act to provide for the construction and maintenance of roads, the establishment and maintenance of schools, and the care and support of insane ersous in the district of Alaska, and for other Purposes," a proved Fauuary twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and tive, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows: _ ligjsxygdgdggg “SECTION 1. That all moneys derived from and collected for liquor corpcmed ugyvns rc licenses, occupation or trade licenses outside of the incorporated towns f,§’K$fl?°°°th° M”k° in the district of Alaska shall be deposited in the Treasury Depart- °dV°l-¤·P·°1°·¤¤°¤d· ment of the United States, there to remain as a separate and distinct ` fund, to be known as the ‘Alaska fund,’ and to be wholly devoted to the purposes hereinafter stated in the district of Alaska. One-fourth "•°°* ‘°°** of said fund, or so much thereof as may be necessary, shall be devoted to the establishment and maintenance of public `schools in said district; five per centum of said fund shall be devoted to the care and main— teuauce of insane persons in said district, or so much of said five per centum as may be needed; and all the residue of said fund shall be devoted to the construction and maintenance of wa on roads, bridges, mon Ommm and trails in said district: And provided fu,rther, That the clerk of the ‘ rm. court of each judicial division of said district is authorized, and he 1S hereby directed, whenever considered necessary, to call upon the mM:;¤*;l’jicg:£¤*l§§ United States marshal of said judicial division to aid in the collection spemn. of said license moneys by desi ating regular or special deputies of his office to act as temporary license inspectors, and it shall be the duty of said United States marshal to render such aid; and the said regular or special deputies, while actually engaged in the performance

  • "°°’· of this duty, shall receive the same fees and allowances and be paid in

the same manner as when performing their regular duties/’ SES That sectioiu two lof said Act be, and the same is hereby, amen e so as to rea as fol ows: mf’°¤;G;“(;*;‘}°"°“°*'°€‘ "SEc. 2. That there'shall be a board of road commissioners in said Appginymenrcfmd district, to be composed of an engineer officer of the United States mmm ”l°°°”‘ Army to be detailed and appointed by the Secretary of War, and two other officers of that part otpgne Army stationed in said district and to be designated by the Secretary of War. 'l`he said engineer officer shall, durin the term of his said detail and appointment, abide in said "°"°”· district. The said board shall have the power, and it shall be their duty., upon their own motion or upon petition, to locate, lay out, construct, and maintain wagon roads and pack trails from any point on the navigable waters of said district to any town, mining or other industria. camp or settlement, or between any such town, camps, o1· settlements therein, if in their judgment such roads or trails are needed and will be of permanent value for the development of the district; but no such road or trail shall be constructed to any town, camp, or settlement yvhich is wholly transitor · or of no substantial value or importance

        • 1***- °"‘- for mining, trade, agricultural, or manufacturing purposes. [`he said

_ board shal prepare maps, plans, and specifications of every road or trail m§;Qj“;;Q;”c0Q§‘g;l they may locate and lay out, and whenever more than twentv thousand grqzngw ~v_er#2¤,0w. dollars in the aggre ate shall have to be ex nded u n theactual con- \. o\.33, p. r»16.ame¤d- · ’ · g ’ . .pP P0 ..,;4 struction ot any roa or section of road designed to be permanent, contract for the work shall be let by them to the lowest responsible bidder, upon sealed bids, after due notice, under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of War. The hoard may reject any bid if they deem the same unreasonably high or if they tind that there is a combination among bidders. In case no responsible and reasonable bid can