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F IFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. (Jus. 2165, 2466, 2169, 2-LTO. 1906. 197 Attorney—General of the United States to institute and conduct such &)`$£G§{%l;]l,?S gap);; (the frequéast of tge Secrettiary of W (a12h Igrozideld. §QQff{;€S_ e s .. 0 said procee ings an any awar a may c made_thereunder shall_ be paid by the said person, company, or corporation, to secure which payment the Secretary of War may require the said person, company, or corporation to execute a proper bond in 60***1- such amoutpt as he may deem necessary before said proceedings are commence . Approved, May 16, 1906. CHAP. 2466.-An Act To authorize the Northampton and Halifax Bridge Com- Mw 16. 1906- pany to construct a bridge across Roanoke River at or near \Veldon, North Carolina. __iH· K l82°‘·l _ _ _ [r mz, N mu.] Be at enacted by the Senate and House ofltepresentatwes of the United u N 0 States of America in Congress assembled, That the Northampton and §§‘}§,‘},1§§l}f,‘[,°'·,,,d Iillalgax Bridlge Cpippany, a corporation organized under the laws of €;§g“§é1(g;6Q,<;¤;; t e `tate of ort aro ina its successors and assigns be and they 'elilo IN. c. ' are hereby, authorized to cdnstruct, maintain, and operate a wagon, ,,,lY,‘§,:" ‘“"’ '°°“ cart, vehicle, and footway bridge, and approaches thereto, across the l Roanoke River at or near the town of Weldon, in the State of North Carolina, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled "An A¤*=· 1*-64- Act to ciéegpjlatel the consilrupltion of bridges over navigable waters," approv rc twent —t ir nineteen hun red and six. Sino. That tbl? rigllt to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby -¤¤°¤d¤¤¤*· express y reserve . Approved, May 16, 1906. C‘?AP.h2469.—-An ]Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to allot home- Mg stew s to the natives 0 as a. ______;,_;__ [Public, No. 171.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofRri¢‘]>resentattves of the United States of Awlnerica in assembled, lgalt thehSe¢&retary of the gxmlgmd mm Interior is ereby authorize an empower in is iscretion an mt-ue in mmm. under such rules as he ma rescribe, to allot not to exceed one lum- . Y P . . . . drcd and sixty acres of nonmmeml land in the district of Alaska to any Indian or Eskimo of full or mixed blood who resides in and is n. native of said district, and who is the hfesrl ofua family, or lsltwlenty- one years of age· and the land so allot sha be eemed_t e_ ome- _ stead of the allottee and his heirs in perpetuity, and shall be inalienable ab·}(§:}l*g°;*;; {u21m- and nontaxable until otherwise provided by bongress. Any person rrermnce rlgmr. qualified for an allotment as aforesaid shall have the preference right to secure by allotment the nonmineral land occupied by him not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres. Approved. May 17, 1906. CHAP. 2470.-An Act For the relief of certain entrymen and settlers within the May 17, 1906. limits of the Northern Pacific Railway land grant. ’ _ _ [mtr ,1v .112.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqrresentatwee of the United lc 0 States of America in Cbngress assembted, That the provisions of the Rgfégern mme Act of July tirst, eighteen hundred and nmety-e1gl1t (T irtieth Statutes, ' pages five hundred and nlnety—SBV0ll and six hiurglred and twenty), hich rovided for the adjustment by the Lau epartment of conihctingpclaims to lands within the limits of the grant to the Northern