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F1FTY-N1:<*ru couoiuiss. sms. 1. ou. 3327. 1906. 287 Morocco, Norwa_y (to be immediately available), Paraguay and Uruguay, Portugal, Roumania and Servia, Sweden, and Switzerland, at seven thousand five hundred dollars each, sixty thousand dollars; Envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Greece and Montenegro and diplomatic agent in Bulgaria, seven thousand live hundred dollars; Envoys extraordinary and ministers lenipotentiary to Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Persia, and Siam, at seven thousand five hundred dollars each, thirty-seven thousand Eve hundred dollars; ‘ d Minister resident and consul-general to Santo Domingo, five thousand o ars; Minister resident and consul-general to Liberia, five thousand dollars; ,,,*§“gf,“n*§u’§g;‘;§,§,‘§{" Agent and consul-general at Cairo, six thousand five hundred dollars: Azeqt. ew-. 0¤ir·•.` Provided, That no salary herein appropriated shall be paid to any §,'{’,§",,“;e,,,.,(,,,0n_ oilicial receiving any other salary from the United States Government. Charges d’al;faires ad interim, forty thousand dollars; €,g"‘"gé“ "'“““i“’*’· Total, four hundred and seventy-eight thousand five hundred dollars. SALARIES or smonrxtramns or mMBAssms AND LEGATIONS. bg,°e'::;'l°{eg*fu:l:f Secretaries of embassies to Austria-Hungary, Brazil, Great Britain, B°l'"*“· France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, at three thousand dollars each, twenty-seven thousand dollars; Secretaries of legations to the Argentine Republic, Bel 'um, China, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, and Turkey, at two gousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars each, thirteen thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars; Secretaries ·of legation to Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Guatemala and Honduras, Liberia, Morocco, Norway (to be immediately available), Panama, Peru, Portugal, Santo Domingo, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Venezuela, at two thousand dollars each, thirty-four thousand dollars; Secretary of legation to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and San Salvador, two thousand dollars; Secretagy of legation to Siam and consul-general at Bangkok, two thousand ollars; Secretary of legation to Greece and Montenegro, who shall also be secretary of the diplomatic agency in Bulgaria, with residence at Athens, two thousand dollars; ‘ Secretary of le ation and consul-general to Roumania and Servia, two thousand dolhzrs; Second secretaries of embassies to Austria—Hungary, Great Britain, *°°°"‘l °°°*°**’**‘*- France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Russia, at two thousand dollars each, fourteen thousand dollars; Second secretary of embassy to Japan, who shall be an American student of the language of Japan, an shall be allowed and required, under the direction of the Secretary of State, to devote his time to the acquisition of such language, two thousand dollars; Second secretaries of legation to China and Turkey, who shall be American students of the language of the court and country to which they are- a pointed, respectively, and shall be allowed and required, under the direction of the Secretary of State, to devote their time to the acquisition of such language, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each, three thousand six hundred dollars; Second secretary of legation to Cuba, one thousand five hundred dollars: Third secretaries of embassies to Great Britain France, hiexico, Tum ”"’°“'*** Germany, and Russia, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, six thousand dollars; Total, one hundred and nine thousand two hundred and twenty-five dollars. ·