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294 Fimr-umm couomcss. sms. 1. cH. asm. 1906. Barmen, Birmingham, Bremen, Chemnitz, Coburg, Colon, Crefeld, Dawson, Frankfort, Havre, Marseilles, Panama, and Vienna., at one thousand two hundred dollars each, fifteen thousand six hundred dollars: Belfast, Calcutta, Cairo, Dresden, Glasgow, Guayaquil, Na les, Nottin ham, Nuremburg, Plauen, Pretoria, Reichenberg, Saint Gall, Sheiiieid, Sin pore, Svdney (New South Wales), Toronto, and Vera Cruz, at one dlhusand dollars each, eighteen thousand dollars; Annaberg, Beirut, Buenos Ayres, Burslem, Dundee, Edinburgh, Genoa, Kingston (Jamaica), Lexpsic, Mainz, Mannheim, Maracaibo, Melbourne, Messina, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Palermo, Port au Prince, Prague, Rome, Santiago de Cuba, Smyrna, Stockholm, Tangier, Van- 30111::, and Victoria, at eight hundred dollars each, twenty thousand 0 ; Aix la Chapelle, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, Ciudad Porfirio Diaz, Halifax, and Lucerne, at six hundred and forty dollars each, three thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; Colo e, Constantinople, Cork, Florence, Huddersfield, Liege, Municgn Odessa, Tampico, Zittau, and Zurich, at six hundred dollars each, six thousand six hundred dollars; d Cienfuegosand Kehl, at five hundred dollars each, one thousand ollars; P ' Berne, Georgetown (Guiana), Malaga, and Stuttgart, at four hundred and e` hty dollars each, one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars; To§, clerk hire, one hundred and twenty-seven thousand two hundred and ten dollars. · ,,,fjg’f*""'*°””°*'¥’°°‘ Allowance for clerks at consulates, to be expended under the direc- · tion of the Secretary of State at consulates not herein provided for in res t to clerk hire, no greater portion of this sum than one thousand dolm to be allowed to any one consulate in any one fiscal year, one gQj·¤”j•ghm~ hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That the total sum expended in ' one year shall not exceed the amount appropriated. samnrns or rurmarnmrmns ro cousumrms IN cmru, xonm, Ann Jams. _“L]{*($;’P'°*¤¤ ¤•=°¤· Interpreters to be employed at consulates in China, Korea, and ` “Japan, to be ex nded under the direction of the Secretary of State, twenty thousande dollars. For interpreter at Vladivostok. Siberia, eight hundred dollars. nxrmusus or rurrznrnmrnns, euAm>s, Arm so 1·*0Rru, IN Tunxrsn Dommows, Asn so ronrn. M{_¤¤¤¤rr·re¢¤r¤,z¤¤nr<i¤. Interpreters and guards at the consulates in the Turkish dominions ` and at .anzibar, to be ex ended under the direction of the Secrc-t:u·y of State, twelve thousandp dollars. s.u.Anms or MARSHALS ron consume oomrrs. ”"”"‘l‘· Marshals for the consular courts in China, Korea, and Turkey, eleven thousand dollars. mxrmssas or rmsoxs ron Amnnrcax cosvxcrs. °°“"'”“ "'·‘°“* uses of a prison and a rison kee r at the consulate- eneral in °‘“"‘°"‘ Bangkok, sam, one enoumdpaenrm. P6 g m"·“""'· Actual expense of renting a prison at Shanghai for American convicts in China, seven hundred and fifty dollars; and for the wages of