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FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3438. 1906. 307 address of every applicant accepted for help, the date of such ap lication, kind of help requested, the names of the persons sent, with the designation of the one employed, and the amount of the fee received. The aforesaid registers of applicants for employment and for help shall be open during office hours to ins ection by the said Commissioners or their agents. N o such licensed person, his agent or employees, hifftfg °¤*¤'i°¤ 1**** shall make any false entry in such registers. It shall be the duty of Investigation Oneievery licensed person, whenever possible, to communicate orally or in °'°"°‘”‘ writing with at least one of the persons mentioned as references for every applicant for work in private families or em loyed in a fiduciary capacity, and the result of such investigation shall be kept on iile in such agency: 1’wwided, That if the applicant for help voluntarily {,’£;i*;0,,nvcmg&_ waives in writing such investigation of references by the licensed per- tion by employer. son, failure on the rt of the licensed person to make such investigation shall not be dldlemed a violation of this Act. Every licensed person exempted from the provisions of this section as to the keeping of registers shall keep accurate records in the English language of all persons to whom work is promised or offered, or from whom a fee is taken, and of all persons from whom an application for an employee is accepted, together with the date of the engagement, and the amount of the fee received. rnEs——m¤cn11>·rs. Sec. 8. That the fees charged for the employment of agricultural Fmhands, coachmen, grooms, hostlers, seamstresses, cooks, waiters, waitresses, scrubwomen, nurses (except professional nurses), chambermaids, maids of all work, domestics, servants, or other laborers (except seamen), or for the purpose of procuring or giving information concerning such person for or to employers, shall be as follows: Employment agents or agencies shall be entitled to receive in advance from an employer- ' For male or female employees, one dollar each. A'”°“‘“- Employment agents or agencies shall be entitled to receive in advance O,!};;?" °* °”°‘l'*“ from the applicant for work or emplo ment, either male or female. one dollar each, one-half of which is tolbe returned on demand if such applicant is not secured a fair opportunity for emlployment within four days after the receipt of said original fee of one ollar: Provided, R1 e'";.,' l,,",;'] That the whole fee and any sums paid by the applicant for transportation in going to and returning fl‘()lIl such cmp oyer shall be refunded within four days of demand, if no employment of the kind applied for was vacant at the place to which the applicant was directed: Amiproa·»'d¢dfurMa:·, That it shall be unlawfu for any employment agent or “°*"l°**""· agency to receive more than the fees set forth in this Act in the busi-_ ness aforesaid. It shall be the duty of such licensed person to give to every applicant “°°°*P”· for employment from whom a fee shall be received a receipt in which shall be stated the name of said applicant, the date and amount of the fee, and the purpose for which it was paid, and to every applicant for help a receipt stating the name and address of said applicant, the date an amount of the fee, and the kind of help} to be provided. Every such receipt, excepting only those given by theatrical and teachers’ agencies and those rocuring technical, clerical, sales, and executive positions for men only shall have printed on the back thereof a copy of this _ section in the English language. No such licensed person shall divide mQ{{gg{°¤ °‘ *°°* 1**** fees with contractors or their agents or other employers or anyone in their employ to whom applicants for employment are sent. Every such licensed rson shall give to each applicant for employment a card or printed)6 paper containing the name of the applicant, name and