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350 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS.. Sess. I. C11. 3504. 1906. Momus SCHOOL. M°"'i” ”°h°f’t For the support and education of one hundred and fifty Indian pupils at the Indian school, Morris, Minnesota, twenty-five thousand an fifty dollars· Pay tf superintendent, one thousand five huudred dollars; For general repairs and improvements, two thousand dollars; In al , twenty-eight thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. PIPESTONE sono0L. P‘¤’°“"°“°"°"°°’· For support and education of two hundred and twenty-five Indian pupils at e Indian school Pipestone Minnesota, thirty-seven thousand five hundred and severity-hve dollars; V For pay of superintendent at said school, one thousand six hundred dollars· For hospital, six thousand dollars; For improvement to water system, four thousand dollars; For general repairs and improvements, two thousand dollars; In al , fifty-one thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars. M$S;‘,§g’,§;§f" °’ “‘° CHIPPE\NAS or run MISSISSIPPI. `(Treaty.) Svhwk For support of a school or schools upon said reservation, during Vvl- 16. r- 720- the lpleasure of the President, in accordance with third article of treaty gin arch nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, four thousand o ars. m‘,§},‘§g’_’°'“ °‘ ’"“‘ ompnnwss or munmsou, immeunsnnnn. (Treaty.) Aavaneemmesx. Advance interest to the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota, as required Vol. 25, p. ms. by section seven of "An Act for the relief of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota ” a ro Y d J f hh _ _ , pp we anuary ourteent , eng teen hundred and eighty-nine, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior in the manner re uired b · `d A t- bursable), ninety thousand dollars. q 3 Sm C (mlm <:m1m.n¤n,s:¤. To enable the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, under the direction v.»1.zs.p. 642. of the Secretary of the Interior. to carry out an Act entitled "An Act · for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of M1nnesota," approved January fourteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty·mne,_name|y, the purchase of mate mal and employment of labor for the erecstiotrapé hogses Sir Indians; for the purchase of agricultural L'}"é£$`.£.Z..; if d..fI.',L.€¥I’.ZZ.“1.l"3Z*?,LYi “"‘lF`Zi*°`"g t“‘"d·‘ -°Zh"“t?}?¥” .· >wa n ians 0 VIS} e 1 e Earth Reservation' for the erection and -ten f d · dd - trial schools; for subsistence and for pliyudf elirilclaolieegy dit pdyldf plommispipnerstanti tlhgir exppnsegi andhfoii remgvgaliot Indians and for eir al o men s o reim ur. t t Y `te Utat t fth — I W I reeds of sale of their lands, oneghunldredlanrdlfifty thdhgindodolldiglo }lu;’:{Q_,,,·,‘j*{,'§}{;_`,,_ 'l hat the Secretary ot the Treasury be, and he is hereby. authorized and drreeted to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise _ appropriated, the sum of one hundred and ninety-seven dollars and ggy pints to Max; l;Al1§i1é_wid<§v of Hirainoll`. Allen. late addina armera e n · e·»·*.t' .' .3 .,.·-' .· being the amount of said Hiniiiin Visbxlldnlgliiilarii3Ii$it(lihelddlT>1·`tliii gg;;gg;;_,_ ggrggrahcéggzim hupldfpctl and eighty-aye; [*m»l·Jdgd, That the Th0muMBm;l__ T _})` th Sec orvs a rst approve said palyrnent. _, Payment ,0 bein, o cna .e e r retary of the Interior to pay to t ie heirs ot Thomas Ile Blanc, deceased, Sioux scout. the sum alleged to be due said heirs. nine hundred and one dollars and twenty-three cents.