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396 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3514. 1906. To continue the employment of the special messenger authorized and named in the resolution of the House adopted February seventh, nineteen hundred, one thousand two hundred dollars. Appoiuvneut-¤· Suceessors to any of the employees provided for in the eight preceding paragraphs may be named by the House of Representatives at an time. P¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤. ¤·—¤i¤*— Damon or Posrmsmn: For Postmaster, three thousand dollars; °°°°‘ m' assistant postmaster, two thousand dollars; twelve messengers, including messenger to superintend transportation of mails, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; eight messengers, at one hundred dollars r month each during the session, three thousand two hundred dol- ‘ lads; and one laborer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, twenty-three thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. H<>¤¢¤¤¤¤ W¤8<>¤¤· For hire of horses and mail wagons for carrying the mails, two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. R¤v<>r¤¤¤ ¤¤*·¤¤¤· Ormcux. nnroirrnns: For six official reporters of the proceedings and debates of the House, at five thousand dollars each; assistant ofhcial reporter, one thousand five hundred dollars; in all, thirty-one thousand five hundred dollars. ·l•¤**°°’· For janitor for rooms of official reporters to debates and otheial stenographers to committees,`seven hundred and twenty dollars. c£g1!3§;;Ph°’” *° Smuoemrnnns TO commrrrnnsz For four stenographers to committees, at Eve thousand dollars each; assistant stenographer to committees, one thousand six hundred dollars; in all, twenty-one thousand six hundred dollars. ,,,(,,,Il“‘l{‘,g ,,f§,‘j, “§§ That wherever the words “ during the session " occur in the fore- ` days. going paragraphs they shall be construed to mean the one hundred and nineteen days from December third, nineteen hundred and six, to March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and seven, both inclusive. be§;°,{,§d ,§‘j{§é_§m‘ Fon cnmzx num, Mmmnns AND Dnnnennsa To pay Members and Delegates the amounts which they certify they have paid or agree to pay for clerk hire, necessarily employed by them in the discharge of V°*· 2"· ¥’· "5"· their official and representative duties, as provided in the joint resolution approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, House resolutions adopted May eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and "°‘· “°· P- 687- January fifteenth, nineteen hundred and two, and the deficiency appropriation Act approved July seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety- eight, four hundred and sixty-six thousand eight hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and Representatives and Dele- R q M 81 6 gates elect to Congress whose credentials in due form of law have been

 " ’°' ‘ uly filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in accordance with the provisions of section thirty-one of the Revised Statutes

of the United States, shall be entitled to payment under this appropriation. "{;‘g}§,‘{§g“,},f,{€°;{f,‘f,‘j{“· Fon conrmenivr nxr-nnsns, NAMELY: For wrapping paper, pasteboard, paste, twine, newspaper wrappers, and other necessary materials for folding, for the use of lembers of the House, and for use in the Clerk’s office and the House folding room (not including envelopes, writing paper, and other paper and materials to be printed and furnished by the Public Printer, upon requisitions from the Clerk of the V"l·"·"·""· House, under the provisions of the Act approved January twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, for the public printing and binding), _ p _ ten thousand dollars. 1`"lfm °‘l‘ For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, fifteen thousand dollars. F“"*““'°· <**°· d ger furniture and materials for repairs of the same, twenty thousand o ars. · P“°k’“g °°"“‘ For packing boxes, three thousand five hundred dollars, or so much _ _ thereof as may be necessary. ` ,§.{,‘”°““°“°°“"‘*°m“* For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select committees, exclusive of salaries and labor, unless specifically ordered by the House of Representatives, fifty thousand dollars.