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446 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3514. 1906. dent to the installation of apparatus, machinery, or appliances; furni- ‘ ture for laboratories and offices, cases for apparatus, forty thousand dollars. R°P°""· For repairs and necessary alterations to buildings, one thousand dollars. “*'°°““'°°‘“"’°’“"— For fuel for heat, light, and power; office expenses, stationery, books and periodicals (subscriptions to periodicals may be paid in advance); traveling expenses; expenses of the VlS1tlDg committee; expenses ot attendance of American member at the meeting of the International ‘ Committee of Weights and Measures; traveling etxlpenses of two delegates to the International Committee of Electrical nits and Standards, one of whom shall be an officer or employee of the Bureau of Standards; and contingencies of all kinds, fifteen thousand dollars. R°°d"* ‘"‘“‘“· °‘”· For grading, construction of roads and walks, piping grounds for water supply, lamps, wiring for lighting purposes, and other expenses incident to the improvement and care of grounds, three thousand . dollars. °°“““*°“'°‘*‘°“·"*"· Comuemm nxrmasms, Dnmmmnmr or Commmon Ann Luzon; For contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the offices and bureaus of,thl;Dep;1rtmoix;;,lincluding_the éklasklan tfur-seal iislzeries fand the Alas n sa mon enes services, or w 1C a ro na 1ons or contingent and miscellaneous expenses are not speci,’di·all)y made, including the purchase of rofessional and scientific books, law books, books of reference, periodicals, blank books,-pam hlets, maps, newspapers (not exceeding two thousand five hundred diollars), stationery, furniture and repairs to the same, carpets, matting, oilcloth, file cases, towels, ice, brooms, soap, stponges, fuel, lighting and heating; for the purchase, exchange, an care of horses and vehicles, to be used only for official purposes; freight and express charges, postage to foreign countries, telegraph and telephone service, typewriters and adding machines, storage of documents belon in to the Light—House Board, got to exceeldclone thousamli fiwée hundredg dollars, and for storage of ocuments onging to the ureau of Labor, not to exceed seven hundred and fifty dollars, and all other miscellaneous items and necessar ‘ expenses not included in the foregoing, sixty thousand dollars. R""` Eor rent of buildin s, namely: For office of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, am? the bureaus of Cor rations and Innnigration, eleven thousand eight hundred and thirty ddilars; for the Light-House Board, office of Steamboatlnspection Service, and Bureau of Navigation. seven thousand six hundred dollars; Bureau of Statistics, four thousand and thirty-nine dollars and eight cents: Bureau of Labor, six thousand seven hundred and fifty idolliars; stables, one thousand two hundred dollars; in all, thirty-one thousand four hundred and nineteen dollars and eighty cents. Judicial. j**`gg•;;f’ °°“”- Surarmm Comer: I•`or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Ilmted States, thirteen thousand dollars; and for eight associate justices, at twelve thousand five hundred dollars each; “**”‘"**'· maashal ofltl]ielSupreme Court of the United States, three thousan ve un re dollars; Clufks *¤J¤“**°°*- _ For stenographic clerk for the Chief Justice and for each associate ]ust1ce ot the Supreme Court, at not exceeding one thousand six hungrpd dollars each; in all, one hundred and thirty thousand nine hundred o Iars. ""°‘“‘1“"¤*”· Crncurr counrs: For twengy-nine circuit judges, at seven thousand _ _ dollars each, two hundred an three thousand dollars; 0g_‘;;;,gf““"°“’“ For nine clerks of circuit courts of ap als, at three thousand tive hundred dollars each, thirty-one thousandyhve hundred dollars;