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628 FIFTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 3621, 3622. 1906. m'{,’j§" Wm G’“" Sec. 4. That the President of the United States is respectfully re- ` quested to open negotiations with the Government of (Jreat _Br1tain . for the purpose of elfectually providing, by suitable treaty with said Government, for such regulation and control of the waters of N iagara River and its tributaries as will preserve the scenic grandeur of Niagara Falls and of the rapids in said river. _ _ _ ,,}:,‘§,f,*{‘,{““°’°“ °‘ “" Sec. 5. That the provisions of this Act shall remain in force for three years from and after date of its passage, at the expiration of which time all permits granted hereunder y the Secretanylof War shall terminate unless sooner revoked, and the Secretary of ar is hereby authorized to revoke any or all permits granted by him by authority of this Act, and nothing herein contained shall be held to confirm, establish, or ccmfer any rights heretofore claimed or exercised in the diversion of iv ter or the transmission of power.

  • ”'°*"“‘“°°· Sec. 6. That for accomplishing the purposes detailed in this Act the

sum of fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated from any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate . ·*“‘°“““‘°`°‘· PS12c? 7. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, June 29, 1906. J”¤° Zh lm- CHAP. 3622.-An Act To enable the Secretary of War to permit the erection lH'R'18m'l of a lock and dam in aid of navigation in the White River, Arkansas, and for other [Public, No.868.] s purpose; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rq>re.sentati·vea of tiw United }*’¤}°{*,i;$;l_g";_ States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War may time 1oer’»mli be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to grant ermission “““‘ “°’°““‘ to J. A. Omberg, unior, to build and construct a lock and dam across the White River at such point above Lock Numbered Three, now built or being built by the United States, as may be approved by the Secretary of War, the said lock and dam to be constructed under his direction, su rvision, and control, and in accordance with and conformity to the pliilns and designs as may be approved by the Chief of Engineers §{g;;Q'°é,c_ of the United States Army: ’ro2·/ded, That the plans and designs of ` ,- the said structure shall be prepared by the said contracting partv at °°°*“"’°“°”· his own expense; and the said contracting party shall purchase vand pay for all ands on either side of the river that may be necessary `to the successful construction and operation of said lock and dam, including flowage rights and rights of way for ingress and egress from public highways, and deed the same to the United States, and make all excavations. erect all stone, concrete, and timber work, furnish all materials of every character, and pay for all labor employed in the con- T¤¤¤¤¤e<»fc¤¤¢- struction of said lock and dam. and give said lock and dam to the lénitedstajes lpompleted, free of all cost, expense, claims, or charges o any in vv atsoever. “'“°°’°°"’""°“°“· Sec. :.2. That the said individual undertaking the construction of said work shall begin the building of said lock and dum within eighteen months from the {passage of this Act, and the same shall be completed within two years rom the date of beginning the construction, the right being reserved to the United States to enter on the construction of said lock and dam, if deemed advisable, at any time before the work is commenced by said contracting party; or if begun and not carried on in strict accordance with the directions of the Secretarv of War, then the United States may assume the further construction and completion of said work at its option, the cost of such further construction and completion to be paid by the said contracting individual.