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42 FIFTY·NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 510. 1906. travel and attendance of justices or udges who shall attend the C11'C\11t court of appeals held at any other place than where they reside, not to exceed ten dollars per day, the same to be lpa1d upon written certificates of said judge, and such payments shal be allowed the marshal _in the settlement of his account with the United States; oi meals and lodgings for jurors in United States cases, and of bailitfs 111 ’“'Y°°'””**“*°"°” attendance upon the same, when ordered by the court; and of compensation for jury commissioners, five dollars per day, not exceeding three days for any one term of court, eighty-five thousand dollars., mf} **’°“’“'°"“" °" For payment of such miscellaneous expenses as may be authorized ` by the Attorney-General, for the United States courts and their officers, including the furnishing and collecting of evidence where the United States is or may be a party in interest, and moving of records, one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. ,,,§;;:f·°°* ”°¤*"· ~ PosT-oEE1oE DEPARTMENT. umn mm. For the purchase of a draft horse for use in hauling supplies between the P0st—Office Department and outlying offices, two hundred dollars. P•¤•1¤¤¤*¤¤¤· our or THE POSTAL REVENUES. ·*d*“°*°¤¤l °*°¥k* For the em loyment of three hundred additional clerks with compensation at tlie rate of six hundred dollars per annum in post-omces of the first and second classes during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and six, sixty thousand dollars. Special denver-y. F or fees for speciabdelivery messengers, twenty thousand dollars. nepmsuops. To defray the expenses of moving and installin the mail—bag and mail-lock repairshops, three thousand two hundred dollars. pu{s°¤¤Y·°*°°’ S"? For blanks, blank books, printed and engraved matter, binding, and ' carbon paper for the money·order service, fifteen thousand dollars. ,_ggu¤;;=¤¤¤=~·*A¤**· DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Mw wd r···¤= i¤· BUREAU or ANIMAL INDUSTRY! Additional, to meet the demands for spection. . . . . . . . more meat inspection and for m1croscop1c inspection of pork, sixty- three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. mQfc*}f*,‘;§,'}‘,°{_‘,§{,’,f,f*"“` DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. mglnnvfwrvm Rv- BUREAU or MANUl‘ACTURllSZ For assistant chief of bureau, to be Méipmnecnm. selected and appointed bv the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, at the rate of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum, durin the balance of the iiscal year nineteen hundred and six, one thousand and forty-two dollars, or so much thereof as may he necessary. jL¤s“k;A·g¤1¤¤*·¤r*¤¤· SEAL rrsnmnms IN ALAsxA: Two janitors at Government houses 011 ` Saint George and Saint Paul islands, Alaska, for services during the liscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five, at two hundred and forty dollars each, four hundred and eighty dollars. ¤g1:;¤évi¤¤ <··>¤¤¤¤*¤— Snirrme Commssroiwunsc For rent of office quarters for the United mmf States shipping commissioner at San Francisco, California, not exceeding one thousand one hundred dollars. $<;;,se¢c.. Survey. CoAsT AND GEoDET1o SURVEY: For additional repairs to the vessels ‘ of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, twenty-five thousand dollars. m¥,;i£*;{f¤¤¤¢ E··¤¤¤ Lmnrnousm EsTAnr.1snMENT. ughnvmn. Exrmnsns or LIGHT vnssnrs: For the proper maintenance of light vessels, including extensive and extraordinary repairs to light vessels, purchase of much—needed mooring tackle, to sup lement the approi prilaition for the iiscal year nineteen hundred and) six, fifty thousand 0 rs. ,