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srxrrnirrr ooivenmss. sms. rr. ou. 299. 1909. 989 _F or the purchase of necessa books for the library, including B°°k°·°*°· directories and professional add scientific periodicals needed for statistical purposes, two thousand dollars; For engraving and printing the geological maps, one hundred thou- M°P’· sand dollars; For the continuation of the investigation of the structural materials . S"*{f*°p¤l¤¤*¤¤¤l¤ . both belonging to and for the use of the United States, such as stone, mm g° m` clays, cement, and so forth, under the supervision of the Director of the United States Geological Survey, to be immediately available, one hundred thousand do lars; For the continuation of the analyzing and testing of the coals, lig- T°°”¤8 mhnites, and other mineral fuel substances beloto or for the use of the United States, in order to determine their hiel value, and so forth, under the supervision of the Director of the United States Geological Survey, one undred thousand dollars; For continuation of the topographical surveys of the public lands F¤*¤¤* Mews M- that have been or may hereafter e designated as national forests, vm` seventy-five thousand dollars, to be immediatel available; For salaries of two mine inspectors, authorizedby the Act approved {}*{¤¤2{_!¤¤r¤g;>L¤¤ March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, for the rotection of °` 'p' . the lives of miners in the Territories, at two thousand) dollars per annum each, four thousand dollars. For per diem, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary Per diamof the Interior maly prescribe, in lieu of subsistence at a rate not exceeding three dollars per day each while absent from their homes on duty, an for actual necessary trave enscs of said i tors, inclufdfitngdnelcessary sleeping-car fares, t thousand three undred an y dollars; For continuing the investigations as to the causes of mine explo— m}:::;¤{g:,¢i¤¤ of sions with a view to increasing safety in mining, to be immediately P °” available, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; j The Director of the Geological Survey shall hereafter furnish to any g,§,Y,}’Q,,‘§,§_,,§’_’,,,,*;*‘°‘°‘ person, concern, or institutron, in the interest of education and the Sm ¤f.¤¤¢h¤r¤¤¤d. dissemination of knowled e, that shall pay in advance the whole cost · of material and services thereof, copies of any (photogra hs or lantem slides in the possession of the United States eolog1cal)Survey; and P’°°°"'“· the moneys received by the director for the same shall be deposited in the United States Treasury. In all, for the United States Geological Survey, one million four ` hundred and seven thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. O MISCELLANEOUS oBJEc'1‘s, DEPARTMENT or mn rmnnron. """°°“°"°°“’· Expenses or ·rms·rmoNY IN DISBARMEN'1" rnoonnnruosz For actual cef,’,§*{*,j*},;f“°“° P '°· and necessary expenses to enable the Secretary of the Interior to take Expenses. testimony, and prepare_the same, in connection with disbarment proceedings instituted against persons charged with rmproper practices before the Department of the Interior, its bureaus and offices, three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Srrrrrnrm Coorrr Rnromsz To ay the publishers of the decisions Rjpgrigyme C°“’* of the Su reme Court for two hundred and seventy copies of volumes two hundlred and fourteen to two hundred and eighteen, inclusive offipial edition, at two dollars per volume, two thousand seven hundred dollars. CARE AND Cvsronr or rmx r1~:sA>:r: or ALr\SKAZ For the care and $,"§§'$,,,,,,,,,_ custody of persons legally adjudged insane in the district of Alaska, including transportation and other expenses, fifty thousand dollars. EnUcAtrroN rx 4`LASKAZ To enable the Secretary of the Interior, m§,§é}_°°"°¤ °‘ in his discretion and under his direction, to provide for the education and support of the Eskimos, Aleuts, Indians, and other natives of Alaska; for erection, repair, and rental of school buildings; for textbooks and industrial apparatus; for pay and necessary traveling 80893-voL 35, PT 1--09--64