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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 299. 1909. 995 For care and maintenance of that part of Potomac Park extending along the river side between the inlet to the tidal reservoir and the foot of Twenty-sixth street west, three thousand dollars. For contmuing the improvement of Potomac Park: To complete work of continuing nort B street from Virginia avenue westward to the Potomac River as a park roadway along the northern boundary of Potomac Park, accordingbtéo plans dprepared in the office of public buildings and grounds, to expen ed under the direction of the oflicer in charge of that oilsice, five thousand dollars. For continuing the southern half of north B street from Virginia avenue eastward to Fifteenth street west, as a park roadway according to plansdprepared in the office of public buildings and grounds, to be expen ed under the direction o the officer in charge of that oflice, ten thousand dollars. For commencing the improvement of the interior portions of section one of Potomac Park, grading, soiling, seeding, planting, and laying out walks, fifteen thousand ollars. One-half of the foregoing sums under “Buildings and grounds in and ”‘~""‘°° around Washin?on" shal be fpaid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half om the Treasury of the United States. Under appropriations herein contained no contract shall be made “§"§,2,f,‘;,§,,$,*{;'_°’°'*°· for makinlg` or repairinglconcrete or asphalt pavements in Washington_ City at a 'gher price t an one dollar and eighty-Eve cents fper square yard for a quality equal to the best laid in the District o Columbia prior to Julylfirst, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and with a base of not less an six inches in thickness. For improvement, care, and maintenance of grounds of executive de artments, one thousand dollars. Por such trees, shrubs, plants, fertilizers and skilled labor for the grounds of the Library of o as may be repuested by the supermtendent of the Library bu one thousau dollars. For such trees, shrubs, lants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Capitol aufoflice building of the House of Representatives as may be requested by the superintendent of the Capitol building, three thousand dollars. For improvement and maintenance of Executive Mansion grounds (within iron fence), four thousand dollars. For the employment of an engineer by the officer in charge of public buildings and grounds, two thousand four hundred dollars. For purchase and repair of machinery and tools for shops at nursery, and for the repair of shops and storehouse, one thousand dollars. Exrzcurrvn MANsroN: For ordinary care, repair, and refurnishing gggcrgge M=¤¤·¤<>¤. of Executive Mansion, and for purchase, maintenance and driving o` horses and vehicles for official purposes, to be ex nded by contract orlotherwise, as the President may determine, thirty-five thousand do lars. For additional accommodations to the building erected for the ?¤¤¤bui1di¤;z. offices of the President, and for each and every urpose connected m"°v°m°" ”` therewith, including heating apparatus and light dhrtures, and furniture, all to be done according to plans, the details of which shall be approved by the President, and completed in every respect within the sum hereby aplpropriated, forty thousand dollars, to be expended by contract or otherwise, in the discretion and under the direction of the , President, to be immediately available. For extraordinary repairs of the Wlrite House, for re-covering walls, p,§,_’;f"°'d*“"’ “" reupholstering and re-covering furniture, painting, decorating, pxur- _ chase of dra ries, and so forth, to be expended by contract or otherwise, as the Peresident may determine, fifteen thousand dollars. For fuel for the Executive Mansion greenhouses and stable, six *`“°l· thousand dollars.