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1022 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 299. 1909. dollars per annum; for rents, fuel, glas, electric current, gas and electric fixtures, and ice; for bicycles, orses, wagons and arness, and the care, driving, and subsistence of the same, to be used only for official purposes, including the purchase, mamtenance, and drivmg of horses and vehicles for official use of the officers of the Government Printing Office when in writing ordered by the Public Printer; for freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service; for furniture, typewriters, and carpets; for traveling expenses, stationery, postage, and advertising; for directories, technical books, and boo s of reference, not exceeding five hundred dollars; for adding and numbermg machines, time stamps, and other machines of sumlar character; purchase and installation of storage batteries; machinery (not exceeding fifty thousand dollars); equgpment, and for repairs machmery, implements, and buildings, and or minor interior alterations to build- §%PPjf;'h*°’ °m°" ings; for necessary equipment, maintenance, and supplies for the ge Yemergenc room for the use of all employees in the Government Printing Gfiice who may be taken suddenly ill or receive injury while °f’°°“"“°°““·°”‘“· on duty; for other necessary contingent and miscellaneous items authorized by the Public Printer; and for all the necessary materials needed in the prosecution of the work, four million six hundred and thirty-four thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars; and from the said sum hereby appropriated printing and bmding shall be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following, respectively, namely: Allotments. ‘_ For rinting and binding for Congress, inclu the proceedi s °°°“"°°‘ and debates, and for rents, one million one hundred and forty-eiglit thousand and thirty dollars. And rinting and binding for Congress chargeable to this appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on Printing of either House, shall be so recommended in a report containing an apprroximate estimate of the cost thereof, together with a tatement om the Public Printer of estimated ‘ a proximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress, within the fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. D**P•¤’¤¤°¤'¤·°*°- For the State Department, forty-two thousand dollars. For the Treasury, De artment, three hundred and twenty-five me 0, mW_ thousand dollars: ed, That no part of this sum shall be i-ight enum. expended for the publication of the Catalogue of Title Entries of the copyright office. _ d nor the War Department, two hundred and seventy-five thousand o ars. For the Navy Department, one hundred and fifty-three thousand dollars, including not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars for the Hydrographic Office. For the nterior Department, including not exceeding thirty-five thousand dollars for the Civil Service Commission, and not exceeding twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars for the publication of the annual Report of the Commi sioner of Education, two hundred and - sixty-four thousand dollars. For the Patent Office, as follows: For printing the weekly issue of patents, designs, trade-marks, and labels, exclusive of illustrations, or printing, exclusive of illustrations, and binding the monthly volumes of pgftients, and for printing, engraving illustrations, and binding the cial Gazette, including weekly, monthly, bimonthlv, 3113 annual indexes, six hundred and thirty-one thousand five hundred o ars. For the Smithsonian Institution, for rintin and bindin the annual Reports of the Board of Regeiits, wilh general aipendixes, ten thousand dollars; under the Smithsonian Institution, for the Annual Reports_ of the National Museum, with general appendixes, and for prmting labels and blanks and for the Bulletins and Proceedmgs of the National Museum, the editions of which shall