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1048 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1909. and utilize the national forests; and the Secretary of Agriculture ¤·¤1•=¤•>f¤¤b¤r· may, in his discretion, permit timber and other forest fproducts cut or removed from the national forests, except the Black ills National ' Forest in South Dakota, to be exported from the State, Territory, or _ the District of Alaska in which said forests are respectively situated: ,,:}l;{_kH‘l"N°‘l°”“ Promkied, That the ex ortation of dead and.insect-infested timber onl from said Blackdiills National Forest shall be allowed until such time as the Forester shall certify that the ravages of the destructive insects in said forests are ractically checke , but in no case Gare of Mh md after July first, nineteen hundred and ten; to transport and care for ‘°m°‘ fish and game supplied to stock the national forests or the waters Azcnmew. therein; to employ fiscal and other agents, clerks, assistants, and other labor required in practical forestry and in the administration of national forests, in the City of Washington and elsewhere; to col- · late, digest, report, and illustrate the results of experiments and investigations made by the Forest Service · to purchase law books to S¤r·p1iee,e•e. an amount not exceeding five hundred dollars, necessary su plies, ap aratus, and office fixtures, and technical books and technical) ournals for oihctg-s oi the Forest statioged putsidle of1Washi1;g— ton; to a cig t, e ress, tee one,' an te c a ; or electric Eglit and powzdfl fuel, ga; ice, washingcgfwleils, andgbsificial traveling and other necessary expenses; and for rent in the cit of _ Washington and elsewhere, three million nine hundred and eighty- "£gg;é;;;;gs;°° six thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of the money herein appropriated shall be used to pay the transportation or traveling expenses of any forest officer or a ent except he be traveling on business directly connected with the Forest Service and in furtherance of the works, aims, and objects specified and authorized in and by this ·1},**,;,$_¤¤ f <>a propriation: Provided further, That no part of this a propriation pe on E . . . li . s all be paid or used for the purpose of paying for in who e or in part the preparation or publication of any newspaper or magazine article, ‘ . but this shall not (prevent the giving out to all persons without discrimination inclu ing newspaper and magazine writers and publish- · ers, of any facts or official information of value to the public. P!§§e{n¤g;t:¤·¤* *¤· Imrnovnmnur or run Narromu. Foaasrs: There is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum o six hundred thousand dollars, to be expended as the Secretary of Agriculture may direct, for the construction and maintenance of roads, trails, bridges, fire lanes, telephone lines, cabins, fences, and other permanent improvements necessary for the proper and economical administration, protection, and development of the national forests. Total for Forest Service, four million six hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred dollars. “;?_··~·¤ ·~* <>¤¤¤¤¤¤- BUREAU OF CHEMISTRY. S·¤·¤•>·~ Sxrxnms Burman or Cmzmsrarz One chemist, who shall be chief of bureau, five thousand dollars; one chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; three clerks, class four; five clerks, class threeseven clerks, class two; one property clerk, one thousand six hundred dollars; one clerk one thousand three hundred dollars; nine clerks class one; nine clerks,_at one thousand dollars each; one assistant property custodian, nme hundred dollars; eleven clerks, at nine undre dollars each; one engineer, one thousand two hundred dollars; two messengers, at eight hundred and fort dollars each· one skilled mechanic, nine hundred dollars; two skilledy laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; one skilled laborer, six hundred dollars; one fireman, six hundred dollars; four messengers or laborers at six hundred dollars each; three messengers or laborers, at fouf