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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1909. 1053 each: two messengers, at four hundred and twenty dollars each; two · messengers, at three hundred and sixty dollars each; one fireman, seven hundred and twenty dollars; two laborers, at six hundred and sixty dollars each; one laborer, six hundred dollars; three charwomen, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; four charwomen, at two hundred and forty dollars each; in all, one hundred and seventy- three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. GENERAL EXPENSES, D1vrs1oN or PUBLICATIONS} For miscella— G¤¤°”'°‘¥’°¤¤¤¤ laneous ob`ects of expenditure in connection with the publication, indexing, illustration, and distribution of bulletins, documents, and regorts, as follows: or rent in the city of Washington, five thousand dollars; R¤¤¤- For labor-saving machinery for addressing and mailing documents, $¤PP“°°· °“* including necessary supplies, five thousand dollars; , For envelopes, stationery, and materials used in the distribution of documents, eleven thousand five hundred dollars;' For office furniture and fixtures, one thousand dollars; For photographic e uipment and for hotographic materials and artists’ tools an supphes, five thousand dollars; For gas, electric current, tele hone and telegraph service, freight alng express charges, repairs, and) lumber, one thousand five hundred o ars; For wagons, biméycles, homes, harness, and maintenance of the same, one thousan dollars; For purchase of manuscripts, traveling expenses, electrotygfs, illustrations, and other expenses not otherwise provided for, thee thousand dollars; In all, for general expenses, thirty-three thousand dollars. Total for Division of Publications, two hundred and six thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. BUREAU OF STATISTICS. numimrsmisma SALARIES, BUREAU or STATISTICS! One statistician, who shall be S**l*"*°“· chief of bureau, three thousand five hundred dollars; one assistant statistician, who shall be assistant chief of bureau, two thousand tive hundred dollars; one chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; six clerks, class four; nine clerks, class three; twelve clerks, class two; two clerks, at one thousand three hundred dollars each; sixteen clerks, class one; ten clerks, at ono thousand dollars each; six clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; live clerks, at eight hundred and forty dollars each; ten clerks, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; two messengers, at eight hundred and forty dollars each: one messenger, six hundred and sixty dollars; one messenger, four lumdred and eighty dollars: one laborer, seven lumdred and twenty dollars; one laboivsr, six lumdred and sixt ’ dollars: one charwoman, five hundred and forty dollars; two cliarwomen, at three lumdred and sixty dollars each; in all, one hundred and three thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars. Gsxnnxi. mxrmisrzs, BIJREAU or STATISTICS! For all necessary g;{;g;{,‘u‘;fQ$§*j£a_ expenses for collecting domestic and foreign agricultural statistics, asses. " compiling, writing, and illustrating statistical matter for monthly, annual, and special reports, and for special investigations and com- _ pilations: Provided, That hereafter the monthly crop reiports, which §j,Q§,f§ cmp rg shall be gathered as far as practicable from practical armers, and ports. which shall be issued on or before the tenth of each month, shall embrace statements of the conditions of crops by States, in the ('nited States, with such explanations, comparisons, and information as may be useful for illustrating the above matter, and that it shall be submitted to and officially approved by the Secretary of sosex;.-t-oi. 33, Yr l—0')—*i‘¥